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Natural Healing for Pain, PTSD and More

Offered by Jessica Ahmed

According to the US Census, each year there are around 11 million automobile accidents in our country. Thankfully, most are not fatal, but that leaves many people with injuries ranging from mild to severely debilitating.

Acupuncture right after a car accident is the best time to seek care because it restores normal functionality to muscles and other soft tissue, improves circulation to injured areas, and alleviates nerve pain. Sometimes symptoms may not be noticed for days or weeks after the accident, and a few acupuncture sessions right away can save you from needing a longer course of treatment months or years later. I often treat the chronic injuries of people who did not seek care right after an accident, and although acupuncture often still works, progress is typically slower.

Here are some common car accident injuries that may be helped by acupuncture:

  • Whiplash: Neck pain is the most typical symptom of whiplash, but some people also notice headaches, dizziness and pain/numbness in their arms and hands.
  • Back Pain: From upper to lower back pain, acupuncture works by improving blood flow and relaxing the muscles, tendons and fascia.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): It can be scary to get back into your car and drive, especially in situations that remind you of the crash. Acupuncture helps your brain let go of the accident trauma.
  • Anxiety/Depression: Sometimes the emotional effect of a car accident causes additional stress above and beyond PTSD. Acupuncture helps to relax and normalize the nervous system and stress response. bleeding, hair loss, pain.
  • Closed Head Injuries: Acupuncture works to increase blood flow to the head and brain, and can be used to treat mild traumatic brain injuries, such as concussions.

Most Colorado insurance plans provide immediate Med-Pay funds of at least $5000 after a car accident, which can be used to cover the cost of your acupuncture treatments. In the rare case that your plan does not cover acupuncture, you can often have your costs reimbursed during a settlement.

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