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Offered by Dr. Jim Campbell

Do you really enjoy life or does pain you’re experiencing get in your way? Do you have the energy to enjoy your family and friends and the outdoor activities here in Colorado this summer? There are so many things to do and the basic reminders to drink lots of water and get out for fresh air and exercise are always good ideas. I find it very rewarding to help a lot of people get out of pain, but I also find it gratifying to help shift their focus from relief to fixing the problem and then helping them understand the activities and lifestyle choices they need to make to keep their major complaints at bay.

I am privileged to have several wonderful patients who are in their 80’s and 90’s. These folks have experienced the value of periodic Chiropractic care combined with making healthy choices throughout most of their lives. My octogenarians and nonagenarians do have some aches and pains as you would expect but they recognize that chiropractic care helps keep them mobile, active and involved with family and friends. They keep physically active in keeping with their age, pay attention to basic good diet guidelines (including that emphasis on drinking water!) and work to stay mentally alert. Sounds like a plan to me.

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, then maybe it’s time to consider making some changes in what you’re doing. Here at Beyond Basic Health, I integrate chiropractic spinal adjustments with cranial adjusting, cold laser therapy, nutritional support, custom orthotics and common sense to provide relief from chronic pain as well as acute injuries. My practice is a holistic office, meaning a whole body and whole person approach to looking at what ails you. If you need quick relief, we offer that. If you need guidance or a second opinion, we do that too. No two people are the same and rest assured you will be offered choices and treatment options to assist you with your health care needs.

If you are dealing with tough or prolonged pain or discomfort and your goal is a long, active and pain free life, give me a call today. We can explore your options and your path to wellness. The sooner you begin to experience pain free living, the more you can enjoy what Colorado and your life has to offer.

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