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Divination is a universal practice found in virtually every culture across the globe. Written evidence for divination goes back to the early 2nd millennium in Mesopotamia; but more ancient practices have been verified throughout the ancient world, in the Near East, Egypt, the Levant, Greece, Italy, China, Japan, South America, Denmark-Sweeden-Norway and Africa. The biblical prophets used various forms of divination in reading the future, such as reading the omens of birds and clouds, the drawing of lots and the tossing of sticks and seed upon the ground. In the New Testament, the magi read the signs in the heavens (astrology) to find the Christ child. Medieval kings and modern presidents have consulted astrologers and tarot readers to determine the most propitious time for various events. And shamans, priests and holy persons have used divination to aid their community for centuries.

During the rise of Christianity divination was forbidden for a time, and outside of religious concerns, some leaders in the Arab nations and in Europe forbid it’s use for political reasons, especially astrology because of its accuracy. Despite various attempts to outlaw divination, and to color it as evil or the work of unnatural malevolent forces, divination remains relevant and sought after. The 19th century brought a greater interest and curiosity into all things occult, including divination methods with the rise of the “spiritualist” movement. Many resource manuals, tarot and oracle decks, as well as classes in how to perform divination or talk with ones ancestors became available during this time. Another surge in interest took place in the 1980’s and continues through current times.

Interdisciplinary studies between science and metaphysics have deepened our understanding both of histories, purposes, and roles of divination practices. Divination is a means of gaining knowledge that is not obtainable by normal modes of scientific or worldly investigation. The greater majority of diviners use their ability to connect with their spirit guides and ancestors, in some cases Deity or angelic energies, as well as those of the client they are working with to obtain answers and insight in future or past events. It is a primary practice used by shamans, seers, priests, witches and healers.

There are numerous methods of divination, some very ancient like peering into water (scrying), reading the patterns in sand and stone, or the patterns made by throwing bones or a handful of seeds on the ground. The Chinese “I Ching” was developed 3000 years ago, the Hindu Jyotish Astrology is at least 4000 years old, possibly older, the Mayan divination calendar, or Tzolk’in, where in they used the stars to calculate the day and then divined the meaning and attributes of that day with various seed weavings upon the calendar has been used for 3000 years, and the Greeks had literally 1000’s of types of divination and omen interpretations for every natural event one could imagine such as the swirling of leaves in the air, the reading of a lamb’s entrails before battle and patterns viewed in the waves of the sea. The first tarot decks were created in the early 1400’s in Italy and today there are many different types of tarot and oracle decks, both serious and fanciful. It has become an actual art form.

People have always wanted and needed to know what the future holds. May the birds fly well, may the tea leaves bring clarity, may the Runes show me the truth and may the cards assure a bright future.