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The market is cooling from the record-highs in years past, but new construction remains a hot commodity. Having the option to get the house model you want, with the options you prefer, makes the idea of a new construction home very appealing.

If you’re in the market to buy a new home, consider these benefits
when making your decision:

Less repairs

Because everything in and on the house is brand new, major repairs are generally 7-10 years away. And if something does break or fail, it will likely be covered by a warranty so you can repair it without worry.

Get what you want

Obviously, custom built homes give you complete control over the layout and finishing of your home. However, even new tract housing offers a variety of floor plans and finishing touches you can choose from. From flooring to cabinetry, and even more, you can fine tune your new home so it’s exactly what you’ve dreamed of!

Less competition

New and custom built homes are an attractive option because there isn’t the bidding war to contend with when you’re looking at a resale. You may have some haggling over costs and details, but there won’t be lots of other people competing for the same house. This means you can just focus on negotiating the terms that are best for you.

Contemporary architecture

Newly built offer a number of advances, including contemporary floor plans and architecture. Enjoy open floor plans and more natural light in your new home, which assists with energy use.

As with any home purchase, it’s having a REALTOR® representing your interests makes all the difference. Although newly constructed communities have representatives available to help and assist you with questions you may have, they are representatives for the builder. An experienced real estate professional can ensure your interests have a place at the table. Your agent can also guide you with choices that are best suited for your goals and lifestyle needs. For example, if there is a project that is easy to do yourself, you may saved thousands of dollars to take it off the custom finishing. Conversely, if there is an option that adds significant value, your REALTOR® can office insight that will pay off down the road.

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