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Here are the top 10 common mistakes people make before they die:

Do Nothing to Prepare for Death. The biggest mistake you can possibly make related to estate planning is to do nothing. There is a 100% chance that you’re going to die! Do something to prepare for it!

Don’t Update Your Plan. Failing to keep your estate plan up-to-date with changes that occur over your lifetime can cause serious problems upon death. Have your estate plan updated regularly to determine if it is still accomplishing your objectives.

Rely on Free Advice. Listening to well-intended friends or financial advisors to determine how to plan for your death is dangerous. Seek the advice of experienced, trained legal professionals when making important estate planning decisions. What your best friend learned on an infomercial is unlikely to be solid advice.

Fail to Coordinate Advisors. If you rely on a financial advisor or tax advisor to assist you with your finances, it is critical that you insist that your advisors work as a team for your best interest. Not having them on the same page may result in conflicting advice that can be worse than no advice at all.

Don’t let your family be the horror story everyone talks about when they get together for coffee. Take the steps necessary to avoid these common mistakes so that things will go smoothly after you die.

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