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Offered by Geoff Nelson, Brighton Family Counseling

Brighton Family CounselingAt Brighton Family Counseling we understand that your marriage can become muddled, frustrating, or sometimes seem beyond hope. When two lives are brought together, it is the joining of worlds. Each individual brings an intricate history of experiences, as well as unique dreams for the future. Trouble strikes when these stories fall out of harmony, and it is our expertise to get them back in sync. We use proven methods and have helped hundreds of couples achieve the most from their relationship and mend those places of struggle.

The reasons for discord are many, but we all are familiar with the symptoms: blaming, distrust, anger, frustration and hopelessness. Our goal is to help you begin to shift these longstanding patterns that have not gone away on their own. In session, we provide a safe space for open and deep communication so that everyone is heard and given the opportunity for healing. We also take a step back to look at the big picture. Additionally, marriage takes place in the real world, and understanding the environment of life is a key ingredient to success.

The staff at Brighton Family Counseling specialize in marriage counsel, and are experienced in walking couples through their marriage with fresh eyes. We look forward to bringing your marriage the health and wellness that you deserve. Call us today and begin that process now!

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