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Offered by Susan Kline

Susan KlineWelcome all to Colorado’s glorious Spring weather! We seem to have hit our stride and, for sure, things are hopping in our distribution area! There are many things happening in the way of events, Easter celebrations, and business abounding everywhere! It’s easy to feel like Spring Has Sprung as everything is growing and going around us!

As you have surmised, our magazine is getting larger. We hope this is a positive for you and feel like a brief explanation may be helpful. Our goal, as the magazine has progressed, has been to create a resource for our readers. We are happy to showcase different businesses in all of our categories to provide a “go to” publication that will have answers for your everyday needs, services, and projects. We’re always pleased to hear that one of our readers have found just the resource they needed in our magazine! We’re delighted that we’ve been able to include more community information and event promotion to give you the knowledge you need to not only shop locally, but, also enjoy what exists right in your own back yard for your precious free time.

If you’re wanting to attend Easter Services this year, some of our long time Church advertisers have all of their services listed for your convenience. Several other, smaller,…less known churches, are also advertising this month as they welcome new members and look forward to sharing their places of worship with our readers. We feel that this is another aspect of our readers’ lives we can enhance with each issue of The Brighton Buzz and its advertisement.

Lastly, we’ve included local news we hope will inspire you to become more a part of your community.

It’s always a pleasure to meet with and collect information from all aspects of our daily lives. We know that we are richer from this experience and hope you find enrichment from reading this issue of The Brighton Buzz and expanding your horizons.

All the best this April,