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Offered by Whitney Branch, Brighton Family Counseling

Mindfulness has become such a buzz word in our culture these days, but what does it really mean? The term may conjure up images of yogis sitting on meditation cushions for hours chanting om, which likely feels like an impossible practice for many of us to implement into our day to day lives. The temptation then is to abandon the concept all together, thinking mindfulness has nothing to offer us. While I personally enjoy yoga and do meditate with some regularity, I am here to tell you that there is so much more to mindfulness.

At its core mindfulness is about awareness, being present to our lives in a more complete way. How many times has your head hit the pillow, and when you think back over your day it feels like a blur? We are so busy and pulled in so many directions that we can easily become disconnected from our selves and those who are most important to us. It doesn’t have to be this way. Through the use of a few simple (and brief) exercises, we can step out of the fog and reconnect in more meaningful ways. According to renowned author and researcher, Dr. Dan Siegel, “The power of awareness changes our well being.” If you would like to experience a greater sense of well being in life, please consider joining us at Brighton Family Counseling for an introductory workshop on mindfulness. We will meet Saturday, November 4th from 9-11am. Light snacks, coffee and tea will be provided, and I promise we won’t make you chant!

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Offered by Brian Margolis, The Margolis Team

Many clients stop by our Brighton office and ask, “What is going on with the market Brian? Everything is getting so expensive.” My response is, “Yes it is.” There are three key factors why our home values keep going up. The first goes back to the basics of economics… Supply vs. demand. There are simply not enough homes for sale. New construction is still years behind demand and re-sale inventory is still very low. There are currently less than 8,000 single family homes on the market. The second factor: thousands of people continue to move to our front range communities monthly. Third, the federal government continues to beg us to spend more money with interest rates in the low fours! These three factors continue to make this an almost five-year perfect storm of a hot real estate market.

The next question asked usually is, “when is it going to pop?” I don’t see the “bubble” effect happening again, like it did ten years ago, for two reasons. First, we have a much stronger and diverse economy. Secondly, it has been a lot more challenging to get a loan so there should be fewer defaults if the economy does go south.

When I work with out of state clients from either coast, they look at the Denver/Boulder real estate market as a value! This is what makes it so frustrating and competitive. It is also another reason why home values continue to rise.

On a personal note, I would like to thank and give a huge shout out to Keller Williams, the company I am a part of, for a project I participated in last month called #MegaRelief. Over 4,000 Keller Williams agents from 13 countries descended into Austin and took 62 buses to Houston to help total strangers after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Check out my personal or business Facebook page for photos and videos. This was all coordinated in less than two weeks. We have a division called KW Cares which helps victims all across the country when there are natural disasters. I paid for all my own expenses to get there and stay there, but it was a priceless experience. Certainly a trip I will never forget.

If you are interested in becoming a Realtor or interested in the current value of your home, check out Keller Williams or stop my office at 410 Strong in Brighton or our Westminster location by the Ranch Country Club. Please visit: or call: Brian Margolis 720-352-0454. Helping families and clients since 1999.

KW Cares

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Offered by Susan Kline

Susan KlineCooler weather has come….in fact Colorado had
the coldest temps in the country yesterday! It’s supposed to start warming up again soon…at least for awhile. It’s always so amazing to me how quickly the years pass. With all of Colorado’s seasons and efforts to enjoy them, there’s much to do and, often, not enough time to do it. We go about our everyday work and school activities without much intrusion except to try to keep on schedule. The recent tragedy of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria have changed forever the lives of others in our country. It’s hard to imagine what life would be like when everything is either under water or swept away by a hurricane. We seldom take time to appreciate the meaning of all the positives around us. This might be a great time to pause and be thankful for the blessings in our lives, and the beautiful state we call home.

Our communities in this magazine’s distribution area are all buzzing with activity this October. Please look through the magazine entirely as many events are listed with fun for your entire family. One of the biggest in the area is Brighton’s Harvest Festival to be held in Downtown Brighton on October 28th. There are scheduled to be over 100 vendors in attendance with candy and give-aways for families who attend. If you want to expand your horizons and meet a lot of people who are passionate about this area and its children, please take time between 12-4 p.m. on the 28th to attend this event. Your children will have great fun and can take home a treasure trove of candy and treats! Do jot down and attend all the other events advertised and if you need Halloween anything, please visit our cover advertiser, Fun Services, to pick up costumes and party supplies!

All The Best This October!


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Offered by Joseph M. Smith, M.D. at Premier Pediatrics

Many teens and young adults suffer from acne. This is due to hormonal changes that increase oil production in the skin leading to blockage of hair follicles. In research studies, food has not been found to have a major influence on acne, although some individuals might be more sensitive to certain foods.

There are several types of acne including blackheads, skin colored comedones, red inflammatory acne, and nodulocystic acne. Nodulocystic acne can lead to permanent scarring without treatment. Acne can be present on the face, chest, shoulders, and back.

Keeping the skin clean can be helpful. It is not possible to “scrub acne away”. In fact, scrubbing the skin can make acne more inflamed. Gentle application of soap to absorb the oil followed by gentle rinsing of the skin is best.

Despite these measures, some people will need medical treatment for their acne. Your child’s pediatrician is equipped to treat all forms of acne except for nodulocystic acne which can be treated by a dermatologist. Your pediatrician can help diagnose the type of acne and recommend the most appropriate treatment. Improvement in acne is usually seen within 4-6 weeks of starting treatment and it is often necessary to continue treatment for 1-2 years to prevent further outbreaks. Most acne treatments can make a person much more sensitive to the sun, so it is critical to use sunscreen.

Have concerns about acne?
Schedule today for an evaluation!

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Premier Pediatrics

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Offered by Bromley Park Dental

Dr. Chris KlekampBromley Park Dental is very pleased to announce that Dr. Chris Klekamp has joined our practice. Dr. Klekamp is a Colorado native and completed both his undergraduate and dental degrees at the University of Colorado. Just like Dr. Kellogg and Dr. Paisley, Dr. Klekamp completed an advanced residency in the practice of general dentistry giving him the capability to perform a wide variety of dental procedures right here at Bromley Park Dental.

While possessing the expertise and desire to treat patients of all ages, Dr. Klekamp particularly enjoys treating children. He has completed multiple externships focusing on pediatric dental care. His gentle and caring personality make kids very comfortable in a situation we all know can be intimidating.

Dr. Klekamp volunteers at Camp Wapiyapi for children with special needs affected by childhood cancer. He participated in multiple programs focusing on the dental needs of rural Americans. Further, his training included an emphasis on global health culminating in a visit to Guatemala where he provided dental services to those with little or no access to a dentist.

Dr. Klekamp enjoys spending time with his family and friends, he is active in his church community and makes the most of the many activities the Colorado outdoors has to offer.

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Bromley Park Dental

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Offered by Brighton Attorney Gregory R. McMahon

Law enforcement is launching a crackdown on drivers who fail to move over at least one lane when law enforcement vehicles, fire trucks or ambulances are stopped with their lights on. This crackdown is a result of first responders on major roads and highways being struck by passing vehicles causing serious injuries or even death.

The penalty for failing to move over is four points against your driver’s license plus fines and court costs. As an example, if you are driving in the far right lane and see emergency vehicles parked on the shoulder with their lights on, you must move over at least one lane to the left to allow them room to work and to protect their safety. If emergency vehicles are on the left side of the road, then the opposite applies. You must over to the right lane.

In the event that traffic is so heavy that you cannot move over at least one lane you must at the very least slow down significantly.

The reason for this law is that many shoulders are so narrow that first responders can barely open their doors and exit their vehicles without being in the right lane of oncoming traffic.
This law is in everybody’s interest. By failing to move over, you may be delaying emergency vehicles from reaching somebody who has been critically injured in an accident or has suffered a medical emergency while driving. What if that person who needs immediate medical help were you or a member of your family?

The information in this column is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.

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Greg for the Defense

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Offered by Jan Giuliano, Academy Mortgage – The Giuliano Team

Kids are back in school, Labor Day will be here just about the time you receive the Buzz. Summer will come to an end as the look and feel of fall is fast approaching.

Daylight Savings isn’t until November, but September is a good time to start considering what is left to accomplish this year. It’s a great time to take that last vacation or complete the bathroom remodel. Now is the time to reap the remnants of your yard, and plan how you will prepare for winter. Start de-cluttering and getting rid of unwanted items in your garage, storage containers and sheds.
If you are still considering a move, this preparation will help you prepare. It will help you show your home off to its best advantage for sale and help you cut down on what you have to pack. It’s a great time to have a garage sale, donate to a charity, and throw away what can’t be salvaged.

If work, family and outside obligations are keeping you from doing these tasks, there are people who do this for a living and can help make your life easier, save you time, and get you organized. It can be difficult to get started or parting with all the memories so having someone to do it for you can be helpful and liberating (we know a resource who can help with that). Call us for all your mortgage needs: Frank at 303-450-1650 and Jan and Mitch at 720-634-2407.

The Giuliano Team

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The Giuliano Team at Academy Mortgage Corporation

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Don’t Let The Details Get The Best Of You!

Offered by Jan Hepp-Struck

As I stated in July, there are a myriad of things to do before you are ready to sell your home. You’ve probably heard the expression “the devil is in the details,” and it’s kind of true – missed details, especially around deferred maintenance, can most definitely have a hand in derailing a deal.

You only get one opportunity to make a first impression with potential buyers. Along with the obvious importance of curb appeal, little cosmetic repairs like making sure the doorbell works and the windows are clean help give the impression that you are on top of things and the house has been well cared for. Conversely, a non-working doorbell, or other little things of that nature can cause a potential buyer to wonder what else might not work, or hasn’t been cared for.

In that same vein, clean everything! In most instances, storage is a huge selling point for homes. So it stands to reason that potential buyers are going to open drawers, cabinets, closet doors, and in the case of appliances included with the purchase, the refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven, to inspect the space. Unless you really enjoy cleaning, this might be a good time to hire some professionals to come in and do a real deep cleaning, including all the nooks and crannies where crumbs, dust bunnies, and critters (or their aftermath) might be hiding!

For proven expertise in establishing your home value and/or searching for a new or existing home, please call Jan at: (303) 520-4340.

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Offered by Jim Vincent, Vice Chairman of the Colorado Elk’s Leather Program

The Brighton Elks have begun their annual big game hide collection to benefit Our Nation’s Veterans. Local hunters have the opportunity to lend a helping hand to Veterans in need. The Elks are collecting deer, elk and other animal hides which will be tanned and made into fingerless wheelchair gloves that will be given to Our Nation’s wheelchair bound Veterans. In addition, the Elks run a program where tanned leather is made into craft kits which are distributed through the VA Hospital and clinic system. This drive is part of a nation-wide leather program that the Elks have been operating since 1948. “So Long as There Are Veterans, the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks Will Never Forget Them.

Once the hides are donated, volunteers clean, salt, fold and stack them. They are then transported to tanneries for processing. A portion of the leather is made available in craft kits provided to Veterans through the VA clinic and Hospital system. Over 50% of the leather is made into fingerless wheelchair gloves for disabled Vets and distributed through the VA system by representatives of the Elks. The program is 100% funded by the Elks, all at no cost to Veterans or the government. Hides can be dropped off at: Brighton Elk’s Lodge, 101 N. Main St., Brighton, CO. Please place the hides in the hide container located next to the metal building in the Elk’s parking lot behind the building.

For more information, contact Jim Vincent, Chairman of the Colorado Elk’s Leather Program at

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Offered by Dolan & Associates, P.C.

Here is the final segment of the top 10 common mistakes people make when they die:

Misunderstand Beneficiary Designations. Beneficiary designations are often used in planning but can have unintended consequences if misunderstood. Beneficiary designations override the instructions left in your will or trust. They also do not allow flexibility for unforeseen changes like a child who predeceases you, which can unintentionally disinherit grandchildren.

Fail to Plan for Disability. Another common mistake is failing to plan for a mental disability. Not planning for a possible mental disability can create significant problems for those who will be responsible for taking care of you. Caring for a person with a disability is hard enough, but having to overcome the legal challenges caused by a lack of planning can simply be overwhelming and increase complexity upon your death.

Fail to Discuss Matters with Their Family. Communication is critical to a successful transition upon your disability or death. Failing to share information and discuss matters or plans with your family puts everyone at a disadvantage. Studies have shown there is a 50% chance that you will need care before you die, so have the conversation with your family before it is too late. Sharing openly with your family may be the single largest component in producing a smooth transition upon your disability or death.

Don’t let your family be the horror story everyone talks about when they get together for coffee. Take the steps necessary to avoid these common mistakes so that things will go smoothly when you die. Visit online: for additional resources.


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