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Offered by Dolan & Associates, P.C.

Dolan & AssociatesMary met with an attorney to help her draft some estate planning documents. She took her documents and placed them in her safe deposit box. When her children came to Easter dinner, she proudly told them that she had met with a lawyer and that “It’s All Taken Care Of”.

Mary had taken a critical step towards having an estate plan that would help things go more smoothly for her family on her death. However, she, like many people, led her kids to believe
that upon her death there would be nothing else to do because she had some documents.

Look at it from the perspective of the children. They have taken their mom at her word, that “It’s All Taken Care Of”, and unfortunately assume that there is virtually nothing to do upon Mary’s death. This is a critical mistake many families make. The children believe there is nothing to do when mom dies because she bought some documents. The reality is that there is a lot to do when a person dies. There are no magic documents that miraculously automatically take care of things. Someone has to do things at the time of your death, and it’s usually one of the family members.

Family members generally don’t know what to do, how to do it, or understand how they should be paying for the assistance they need. There is a 100% chance you’re going to die. And, there is a 100% chance that someone’s going to need to do something after your death. If things are going to go smoothly and effectively after your death, you must take steps to prepare your family. Prepare them to know what to do, how to do it, and how they are going to pay for it.

Remember, estate planning is a process of preparation prior to your death. It is not an event or getting a certain type of document. By taking the time to prepare, you can assure that the process will go more smoothly for your family.

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Dolan & Associates

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Offered by Kayla Marie Photography LLC

When I started out in photography, I was looking for more than just a smile on a face. I wanted to show personality in every portrait that I took. My pursuit is to capture that one face that makes you want to stop time, or the one smile that melts your heart or the pouty face that makes you want to give in. I want to capture all the details, every freckle, dimple or curl. Show me what makes your family unique and I will capture that moment so you can have it forever! I believe in printed photographs and the quality of the image.

My aim is to create a beautiful image that will capture who you are as a family and create finished art to hang on your walls. I want to get to know you so I can deliver a timeless portrait that will be handed down for generations. I am excited to create an experience that will be as unique as you are!

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Kayla Marie Photography

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Offered by Greg Portlock

Over the last 2 months I’ve been addressing some of the ways I can create multiple offers for my clients. If you’ve read my previous articles, you know how much I believe in generating multiple offers. If the most important tool in negotiation is leverage it must be created and maintained through the entire contract process all the way to closing. For example, if you have a contract on your home and the buyer does an inspection they will most likely ask for a few things to be repaired, this is typical. If you had multiple offers, you can ask that they limit issues to items that effect health and safety as part of your acceptance of their contract, and if they get nitpicky then you know there are other offers to fall back on if needed. If you just accept the first offer that comes in, you wouldn’t have that leverage. Most sellers do not realize that sales contracts protect the buyer much more than the seller, and even though we are in a sellers’ market, the playing field still needs to be leveled I find that leverage is the best way to insure success for sellers.

A home that sells in hours does not necessarily appeal to me. Do not get me wrong, it is nice to have that kind of success, however, you have to wonder if the seller could have possibly gotten more from the sale if it was handled differently. I see homes going on the market on Wednesday, for example, and under contract the following day. If weekends are the busiest days for showings, why wouldn’t you put your home on the market then, and get the most activity? The reality is, if you put your home on the market Saturday that does not give buyers who set appointments for the weekend, a chance to see the home. Most of the websites buyers are using, don’t update for a couple of days anyways. So what is the best strategy?

What I’ve been doing with my clients for the last 5 years is putting their home on the market on Monday or Tuesday and start showings on Saturday, allowing all potential buyers enough time to see it on the internet and set the showings through their Realtor for the weekend. I believe this gives sellers the best potential to get multiple offers and confidence in knowing that they are accepting the best one for them. I know this seems easy in principle; however, over the last several years there have been problems to learn from. Some of these were appraisal issues, as well as how to keep buyers interested through the bidding process, without feeling like they are being strung along. It’s a very well thought out process.

I hope these articles have been informative, although, it only scratches the surface of a successful transaction. Getting to a smooth closing requires anticipation and attention to detail and when you hire a real estate agent, you don’t know for sure if they are the best choice for your situation. You have to go on a little bit of faith that they will make good on all the promises that are made. Market research shows an alarming distrust of real estate agents, but I can tell you that isn’t the case with the families I’ve represented over the past 23 years. By all means, interview several agents and hope I am one of them.

If you are thinking of selling now, or in the future, or you are on the fence, I welcome your calls and questions. I want to be your trusted real estate advisor and it all starts with that first phone call. I promise there is no an expectation of your business or trust, without me earning it first. This is how I’ve become a very trusted advisor to more than a thousand of your friends and neighbors.

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Re/Max Momentum | Greg Portlock

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Offered by i Go Realty

Arlene Castro has been in real estate since 1994. She was a top producing agent with Remax for many years. She is a Colorado native giving her firsthand experience on how Adams county has evolved over the years. Having a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, helps her understand and work with people from all walks of life.

Living and working in the Commerce City area, gave her the idea that a local “go-to” real estate offi ce in the Reunion area was missing. She made a decision to take her 20 years of experience and start a local real estate company. i Go Realty was formed and is now open at 104th & Potomac: 13659 E 104th Ave #500 Commerce City, CO 8022.

i Go Realty is a full service boutique real estate company that offers the following services: Real Estate Review Consultation, Home Staging, Professional Photography, Discount Moving Companies, Cleaning Services, Home Organizers, Handyman Services, Contractors if needed.

Living and working in the area give the i Go Realty team first hand knowledge of each unique neighborhood and the value each has to offer potential homeowners.

Reduced fees are also available for military, law enforcement, fire fighters, and teachers.

When it comes down to it… You want a company that is local, dedicated and are experts in your local neighborhood.

i Go Realty is local, dedicated, and they know real estate!

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i Go Realty

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Offered by Paul Cucunato

If you had a goose that laid golden eggs, which would you insure, the goose or the eggs? The goose, right? Realistically though, that’s not what you’ve done with your insurance policies. You’ve taken care of your car and your home insurance needs, but likely haven’t taken any steps to protect your most important asset, your ability to earn income.

This month I would like to talk to you about looking at ways to safeguard yourself and your family against the loss of your income as a result of sickness or injury.

Imagine you were offered 2 jobs on the same day. Identical in almost every way. Job A pays you your full salary as long as you are working. But, if you become disabled, you will be paid nothing. Job B pays you a salary that’s just a little less than Job A, but guarantees you 70% of your salary if you become disabled and unable to work. Which job would you choose? Well, Job B right? Of course! Most of us have a job like Job A, and if that is the case for you, you should come and learn more about how a State Farm Disability Income policy can help you replicate a plan similar to Job B.

Most of us know someone who this has happened to, and there aren’t enough of us planning for the unexpected while we’re still healthy. My team and I can help provide you with many options that can protect you if you become ill, get injured or are unable to work. Give us a call today, and let’s schedule a time to discuss your many options for protecting your Golden Goose!

“Sometimes we let life guide us, and other times we take life by the horns. But one thing is for sure: no matter how organized we are, or how well we plan, we can always expect the unexpected.”
Brandon Jenner

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State Farm

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Offered by Spectrum Medical Imaging Center

Spectrum Medical Imaging Center is proud to announce the opening of our facility which brings many new services to the community. The brand new facility offers today’s cutting edge imaging technology including MRI, Ultrasound, 3D Mammography, bone density and x-ray.

The physicians of Spectrum Medical Imaging bring extensive experience and expertise, offering sub-specialty image interpretations ensuring accurate and thorough diagnosis so that patients can continue on to appropriate treatment options with ease. The wealth of expert physician knowledge paired with the leading technology provides the best resources to patients and area providers seeking better health outcomes.

As a freestanding outpatient center, we are excited to offer many conveniences and comforts not readily available at other area providers. Added conveniences include a location close to home with free front door parking, various appointment times to meet busy schedules, and even easy online access to information and bill pay. Added comforts include the less hectic setting of an off site (non-hospital) health facility, spacious lobbies, adequate seating, comfortable furniture, coffee bar, TVs and the caring staff who have been provided thorough training to make each visit an exceptional one.

Finally, our status as an outpatient imaging provider allows us the opportunity to extend a lower cost to patients for imaging services. With significant self-pay discounts and flexible payment options, we are hoping to make health imaging more accessible to a larger number of residents throughout Brighton and the surrounding communities.

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Spectrum Medical Imaging Center

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Offered by Thollot Diamonds

Alex & Ani isn’t just another jewelry brand. It’s a glamorous giving machine. Yes, it’s bracelets become meaningful, beautiful, and unique expressions of who we are, but Alex & Ani not only adorns our outsides but warms our insides as well.

To founder Carolyn Rafaelian, Alex & Ani jewelry is just a means to an end…an end that has little to do with glamour and glitz and everything to do with bettering the lives of those in need. When Carolyn was in College, she began making jewelry from recycled metals and donated a huge part of her profits to organizations that touched her heart. Her story and beautiful bracelets took her campus by storm; her giving quickly took America by storm.

Since 2011, Carolyn’s Charity-by-design bracelet line has contributed over $31 MILLION dollars to organizations across the globe that focus on Empowerment, Sustainability, Wellness, Creativity, and Action. The average Alex & Ani bracelet is priced at $38 making it possible for women to stack several bracelets in celebration of their own life-moments as well as to help create those moments for others around the world.

Thollot Diamonds is excited to be partnering with Alex & Ani and has an extensive collection of gorgeous bracelets and charms from the Mother’s Day and Spring 2016 collections.

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Offered by Brian Margolis

I have been on dozens of appointments this year and the most prevailing question homeowners are asking me is just this: “Brian, if you sell our home quickly, where do we move to if we don’t like any of the homes on the market?” It is a perfectly reasonable question. There are a few answers and this is what separates professional Realtors from part time ones or even ones that do not specialize in our area. First, an experienced Realtor should know how to protect you from being homeless. Second, if your Realtor has a team they can have their staff and themselves canvassing neighborhoods that you like. They will be knocking on doors and asking homeowners if they are thinking about moving. This may sound very aggressive, but in this market, this is a surprisingly successful technique with proven results. Your Realtor should not be afraid to work hard for you.

Because of our team approach, our Buyer specialists routinely knock on doors looking and serving our clients trying to find them their dream home. This is very time-intensive but it’s just one more thing the Margolis Team does to help serve our clients better than our competition.

If you are thinking about selling your home, call your local real estate professionals, The Margolis Team 303-835-4534 or text Brian at 720-352-0454 and visit our website

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Margolis Team

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Susan Kline
Offered by Susan Kline

Do you ever feel like you want to shout that very sentiment? The month of May is one for celebration and this year is no exception. Sometimes we don’t need a special occasion to feel exhilarated, however. This morning, for instance, on an early morning walk, the sun was just coming up, and it had finished raining about 30 minutes earlier. The Spring fragrances of flowering trees, wet grasses, tulips and their good buddies, crocuses, made my experience very special and a definite feeling of Oh! Happy Day! came to mind. Taking in all of the affects those moments had on my senses made today’s morning walk one to remember.

If we think about all of the special occasions that happen in May, we could list Mother’s Day, coming early in the month, proms that didn’t already happen in April, Graduations of all ages and levels of education, children finishing their programs and looking for activities for the summer, and a multitude of events being announced for the summer vacation that is just around the corner. We’re ready to break out and enjoy the good weather that’s coming and the ability to spend more time outdoors.

Do read this month’s magazine to find out about all the new things happening in Brighton and surrounding areas. Once again, we’ve been privileged to advertise many new businesses and are able to bring to your attention the activities that are happening very soon. We hope you enjoy finding out what’s in your own back yard!

Below are several poems that describe the coming month. We hope you enjoy them!

“The sun was warm but the wind was chill.
You know how it is with an April day.
When the sun is out and the wind is still,
You’re one month on in the middle of May.
But if you so much as dare to speak,
a cloud come over the sunlit arch,
And wind comes off a frozen peak,
And you’re two months back in the middle of March.”
– Robert Frost

“If it’s drama that you sigh for, plant a garden and you’ll get it. You
will know the thrill of battle fighting foes that will beset it. If you long for
entertainment and for pageantry most glowing, plant a garden and this
summer spend your time with green things growing.”
– Edward A. Guest, Plant a Garden

Wishing you many Happy May Days,


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Offered by Eddy & Muñoz Home Team

Often stories are the best way to get a point across. We recently had a client call us from the subdivision Bromley Park in Brighton wanting to know the value of his home that he purchased in 2009.

He, like so many others, heard of the crazy seller’s market that we are currently experiencing and felt just knowing where “he stood” regarding his home made sense. We agree. This individual purchased his home at a good time for $165,000. We created a Comparative Market Analysis for our client and the current value of his home is around $275,000! Crazy! He had put some money down when he had originally purchased so with his current loan amount of $140,000 he actually has $135,000 in equity! That is money that can be used in so many different ways for this individual. It can be used to pay off credit card debt, student loan debt, car debt, along with still giving a very large down payment for a new home whether that is a newer home for an expanding family or some acreage he has always wanted. Might you have a ton of equity in your home? Wouldn’t you like to know? Knowledge is power.

We understand that you may be saying to yourself “yes, an awesome time to sell but how are we going to find a replacement home”. WE HAVE SOME SOLUTIONS and thoughts regarding that as well. Not wanting to go into too much detail but we have contacts and solutions that give our clients the opportunity to take advantage of the amazing seller’s market and making the move into their dream home a reality.

So, PLEASE contact us for a free CMA (Market Analysis) for your home along with our solutions to make your move possible. We want to help you “Get Off the Fence” and make your move. We want to be your real estate resource. Email

“The Eddy & Muñoz team was invaluable during our home buying process. Everyone we were in contact with throughout this process was courteous, respectful, knowledgeable. We could not have done this without them especially Sarah. We would highly recommend the Eddy & Muñoz team when buying or selling a home. Thank you for all you did for us!” (Client Review)

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Eddy & Muñoz Home Team