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Offered by Jan Giuliano, Academy Mortgage – The Giuliano Team

August signals the beginning of back-to-school, the closing in on the end of summer vacation, and school sports like football. In the mortgage industry, we continue helping people move into their dream home or in some cases, help with refinancing to lower a payment or help with a remodel project. What’s common here is a sense of change. Let me tell you about a few of the latest changes in mortgages:

Fannie Mae-Conventional Loans- has expanded the debt-to-income up to 50% as long as it passes the preliminary desk-top underwriting (DU). Fannie Mae-Conventional will also in some cases allow self employed borrowers only one year of taxes rather than two years. Again, the loan must pass desk-top preliminary underwriting (DU). There are other factors that may not allow for only one year of self-employed taxes but this could be an option.

A New First Step Loan Product from Colorado Housing Finance Authority (CHFA)-gives you another loan program that helps first-time home buyers with down-payment and closing costs. CHFA has been around since the 1970’s helping buyers into homes. This is just another product in their selection of products to help people who otherwise might not be able to buy.

As with all of these changes check with your lender to see if you qualify.

Call Frank, Mitch or Jan at 303-450-1650, 720-634-2410, or 720-634-2409 respectively for questions or concerns. We’re here to help you manage the change.

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The Giuliano Team at Academy Mortgage Corporation

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Offered by Jan Hepp-Struck

Hepp RealtyDuring contract negotiations, or even worse, after the deal
closes, is NOT when you want to find out that you may have picked the wrong Broker. A Broker’s lack of expertise has the potential to cost you significant time and money, not to mention peace of mind.

Before you sign with anyone, it’s important to know whom you are entrusting to represent you in one of the biggest and more important decisions of your life. So take the extra steps to find the best Broker for you. If you don’t know any, be sure to ask friends and colleagues for recommendations.

Once you have your short list, the first thing you should do is check to make sure their license is current. The next step is getting and following up on references. Broker should be happy to provide references, and you can also “google” them to check for reviews. Unless you have personal experience with them, it’s always good to check some references/ testimonials to gain a better understanding of how they conduct business.

Here’s a list of suggested questions to ask in the event you have the opportunity:

  • Did you have confidence in your Broker?
  • Did they have good knowledge of the local market?
  • Did they return calls/emails in a timely fashion, communicate well, and keep you informed throughout the entire transaction?
  • Did they negotiate well on your behalf?
  • Did they have good vendors who could assist you?
  • Would you recommend them? Why or why not (depending upon their answer)?

For proven expertise in establishing your home value and/or searching for a new or existing home, please call Jan at (303) 520-4340.

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Hepp Realty | Five Home Improvements With the Greatest ROI

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Offered by Alana Hill, The Center for Relationship Education

Great Relationship RaceAt the core of every human is the desire for connection, belonging and love. When life ends, rarely do people wish they had a better job; instead, they hope they got the most out of their relationships. Hope, however, on its own, doesn’t always deliver the types of relationships we picture: Loyal friendships, rooted in trust that allow us to be ourselves. Respectful co-workers, working together with fervor as motivated individuals tackling team dreams. Committed marriages, where two partners not only love one another but also like being together and enjoy each other for a lifetime. Connected families, where children, siblings, and parents adventure toward creating powerful legacies.

The Center for Relationship Education believes that healthy relationships are essential to life success and pairs peoples’ hope for healthy relationships with research-supported strategies that help people achieve their relationship dreams. Utilizing their fun and engaging curriculum resources or attending hands-on relationship workshops improves relationship satisfaction. In October, you have the opportunity to participate in helping strengthen relationships by participating in the Great Relationship Race.

The Great Relationship Race is a fun and rewarding 5k run/walk completed in teams of two. Multiple obstacles await, presenting your team with unique communication challenges. You’ll be stronger. Your relationship will be stronger. Families, couples, coworkers, and friends are welcome – pick your partner and register today!

100% of proceeds will provide education to develop, strengthen, and repair the relationships in your community. Per numerous studies, healthy relationships and meaningful connections are essential to wellness, health, and long-term employment. The Center for Relationship Education utilizes research-supported strategies to improve relationship satisfaction through workshops, curriculum, and positive youth development presentations.

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Produce Grows in Brighton

brought to you by Brighton Shares the Harvest and City of Brighton

Here comes the harvest!
As a city rooted in Agriculture, Brighton has been proud of its farming community from the beginning. Residents are well aware of Brighton’s impressive open space (Fifty percent of its land mass is not developed!), but what residents may not be aware of is their access to local produce stands right here in their own backyard.

To bring awareness to Brighton’s local produce, the City of Brighton and nonprofit Brighton Shares The Harvest, have joined forces to educate the community and invite them to “Grow Healthy With Brighton.”

Grow Healthy With Brighton
How much do you know about the people who grow the food you buy? What do you know about the soil it grows in, and the people who plant and handle the food you serve to your family? The only thing better than eating fresh, locally grown produce is knowing the people who are growing it for you, and maybe growing some of your own.

To help residents Grow Healthy With Brighton, we’ve gathered this information that shows where and what you can get at Berry Patch Farms, Lulu’s Farm, the Bromley Farm and Palizzi Farm. This month, we encourage residents to visit any or all of these stands and see for themselves how Produce Grows in Brighton!

NOTE: The Bromley Farm is not an open farm stand yet. The hours for the other farm stands may vary as the season goes on and they have more fresh produce available.

Berry Patch Farms

Berry Patch Farms

Family operated, certified organic farm. Known for pick-your-own sweet strawberries and raspberries, we also offer our year-round seasonal vegetables in our market and pick-your-own flowers, pickles, basil and other fruits. We grow a wide diversity of food with an emphasis on flavor and nutrition. Don’t miss our vine-ripened sweet melons, tomatoes, sweet onions and over forty varieties of peppers, including very flavorful freshly harvested and roasted chilis. In the winter, we offer our frost-kissed fresh greens and other produce. Additionally, we offer locally-sourced, small farm produced high quality grass-fed beef, pork and pastured chicken along with fresh eggs fed a special organic diet. | 303-659-5050 | 13785 Potomac St.

Lulu's Farm

Lulu’s Farm

Lulu’s Farm is located at Highway 85 and 144th, and is open year-round, 7 days a week, 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

We provide summer, seasonal produce, with the best selection of homegrown veggies, as well as fruit from the Western Slope and Rocky Ford. We specialize in chile peppers, and boast the largest variety you’ll find anywhere. We roast all summer long, and sell frozen roasted peppers throughout the winter.

We also carry an enormous amount of BBQ grills, accessories, rubs, seasonings, and meat to throw on the grill! On our patio you’ll find statuary, outdoor furniture, flowers, vegetable plants, fire pits, and more! | 303-659-3300 | 13201 E. 144th Ave.

The Bromley Farm

The Bromley Farm, located at 1594 E Bromley Lane in Brighton, is re-opening this year after a 40 year “rest.” As a key part of the Local Foods Campus Group effort “to make healthy local eating both affordable and convenient for all,” the Farm will have lots of great activities, including: a fall festival, corn maze, local produce, a country store, education opportunities (for all ages), a wedding venue, and much, much more. One of the most important historic assets in Adams County, this original farm property has come back strong. | 1-800-BROMLEY (276-6539) | 1594 E. Bromley Ln.

Palizzi Farm

Palizzi Farm is family owned and operated since 1929, and is located in the heart of Brighton, at 6th & Bromley. We grow and sell tasty home-grown veggies (all picked by hand), gorgeous ower baskets and pots, high quality bedding plants, and healthy starter plants for your home vegetable garden. We grow the best Sweet Corn in the world! We also feature seasonal Colorado fruit, Village Pie Maker Pies, Clark’s Honey, Colorado Cherry Company juices and ciders, jams, sauces, dressing, pickles, salsa, and much more.

Join us Labor Day weekend for our annual Chile & Corn Festival! | 303-659-1970 | 15380 E Bromley Ln.

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Offered by Dolan & Associates, P.C.

Below is the continuation of the top 10 common mistakes people make when they die.

Focus on Taxes. Spending too much time and energy focusing on tax implications and overlooking critical family issues that arise upon death can cost you and your family much more than what you would have paid in tax. Saving taxes is important, but it shouldn’t be put ahead of family harmony.

Confusion about Documents. Another common mistake is believing that the estate planning documentation they have put in place accomplishes things that it simply does not. You should know what documentation you have, why you have it, what it accomplishes. Also, you should know how it works in relation to the other steps you take to have an effective estate plan.

Don’t Know What Options Are Available. Putting a plan in place without knowing what all of the options are to produce an effective estate plan is a common reason why estate plans fail to meet their objectives. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all plan. You should understand what options are available to you so you can maximize the benefit to your family upon your death.

Don’t let your family be the horror story everyone talks about when they get together for coffee. Take the steps necessary to avoid these common mistakes so that things will go smoothly when you die.

Tune in to next month’s Brighton Buzz for more of the Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Dying and go to for additional resources.


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Dolan & Associates | Estate Plans

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Offered by Dr. Jim Campbell

Usually, this is the space where I talk about our clinic, Beyond Basic Health, and how I’ve been ridding people just like you of pain for the last 34 years through gentle Chiropractic and high tech Cold Laser Therapy. I’m still doing that but my wife, Molly, who works with me, had a terrific experience with our Zerona Z-6 whole body contouring laser, and she is chafing at the bit to tell you about it, so I’m going to turn this article over to her.

Hi there, I’m Molly Campbell and for over thirty years Jim has used Cold Laser and Chiropractic to relieve all sorts of pains for me. I’ve had migraines, back, knee, wrist, you-name-it-pain and the Cold Laser has always helped.

The newest addition to our office, the Zerona Z-6 laser, has really knocked my socks off! The Zerona Z-6 laser is a non-invasive, painless, fat emulsifying whole body laser that I have been using for several weeks to get my body contoured to look better in vacation clothes.

It’s been several years since I had a reason to unearth the vacation clothes from storage. I recently opened one of the containers that had beach clothes stored in it and proceeded to see what I could fit into. NOTHING prepared me for the experience I just had in trying on the dreaded bathing suits! I expected to look better in these bathing suits from years ago but did NOT expect to look good in ALL of them! That has NEVER happened to me!

I have been this weight since we did a program for effective weight loss but I have never been the CONTOURED SHAPE I am now. There is nothing so revealing as those one and two piece bathing suits
that show every bump or bulge. Not this time!

This spring my shape shifted for the better, without pain, without bruising, without downtime. If you’d like to talk with Dr. Jim and me about this incredible non-invasive technology (or talk about the weight loss system we coach people to use that we used to lose 50 pounds each) give us a call for a FREE consultation.

We’ll be happy to talk with you about feeling good, looking good and living better!

Call for your FREE CONSULTATION with us. You are unique, we don’t do “cookie cutter” treatment plans. We decide about treatments WITH you not FOR you. STOP LIVING WITH PAIN

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Beyond Basic Health

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Offered by Melissa Rippy, Allstate Rippy Insurance

On Sunday July 30th, The Allstate Rippy Agency and Shields Petersen Group hosted a client appreciation luau event at Donelson Park in Brighton East Farms. This was a fun-filled day for all that included live band Dear Marsha, bounce houses, facepainters, balloon artists, games, limbo, hula hoop contest, a photo booth and about a dozen vendor tents. We also collected non-perishable foods for our local food pantries. We appreciate the efforts of everyone involved to make this event possible and we hope you had a wonderful time!

In the month of August, we will be collecting school supplies for our local students in the 27J School District. Although it may not be apparent when you drive through town, our community has many homeless children and families that could use our assistance. With every donation to our drive, you can spin to win a great prize from a local business on our prize wheel. Stop by the Rippy Agency in the Brighton Pavilions with your donations and lend a helping hand.

With school already having started for some but starting soon for others, remember that Allstate can offer a Good Student Discount for young driver ages 25 and under with good grades. Call or stop by the Rippy Agency with a current copy of their report card. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 and on Saturdays from 9:00 – 1:00.

Whether it’s home, auto, life, retirement needs or more, we can help. Call 303.219.1470 or email

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Melissa Rippy, Rippy Insurance

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Offered by Arlene Castro, iGo Realty

  1. Kick Start Routines: Kids need time to adjust, so provide a head start. About two weeks before school starts, make bedtime earlier and dust off the alarm clock. Aim to serve meals at approximately the same times your child will be eating throughout the school year.
  2. Set Up Ground Rules. Decide when and where they will do homework. Be sure to cover tricky topics: Can they watch TV after they finish school work? How late can friends visit on school nights? When’s the caffeine cutoff? What about chores? Establishing guidelines and going over them together will make sure you’re on the same page once school’s in session.
  3. Stressless Dressing. Let your child choose special first day clothes, To avoid arguing over school appropriate clothes, bring the fall wardrobe front and center. Replace sandals and swimsuits with socks, sneakers, and weather appropriate school attire.
  4. Create a Game Plan Together. Discuss goals for the upcoming year, triumphs from the year before, and some skills they would like to improve. Goals might include:
    • Making three new friends or sitting at a different lunch table every week
    • Get involved in sports or a club
    • Making the honor roll
  5. Create Passions. If your child became a weaving whiz at summer camp or a diving champ at the local pool, keep it going. Integrate new summer hobbies into the school year by finding after school clubs or groups that will let them continue to do the cool new things they tried this summer.
  6. Ignite the Learning Spirit. Assign creative “homework” as summer wanes: Ask them to identify a paw print in the park or photograph something that changes colors. Make family flashcards and quiz each other: What was the farthest you went from home this summer? What plans were rained out?
  7. Take a Field Trip. Plan one last fact packed trip to top off months of water parks and baseball games. You don’t have to go far: Visit a nature sanctuary to learn about different plants and trees, or examine an old ship down at the docks.
  8. Set Up a Homework Area. Create a quiet, well-lit space for study. Prevent first day freak-outs by hauling out the necessities: backpack, dictionary, atlas, calculator, art supplies, paper, and pencils. Make it personal and fun, but free from distractions.
  9. Enhance Skills. Add more factual brain-bending activities into the everyday mix. Sudoku games, crossword puzzles, word searches, and trivia all encourage your child to sit still, focus, and complete a task from start to finish.
  10. Go for a Test Run. Take a trip to school, and get familiar with the new classroom. Make sure to find the cafeteria, gym, theater, and library. Don’t forget about bathrooms! It’s also a good time to size up cubbies, try out lockers, and locate a pay phone.

We hope these ideas help make it an easier transition for you and your family!

* Source:

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i Go Realty

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Offered by Wes Bear, Concealed Carry Workshop

Actually the conversation began 5 years ago with, “So you bought another gun… don’t you already have enough of them?” That was the question that Tina, my wife of 25 years, asked me. I tried to explain that this gun was “Special” and going to be my Every Day Carry (EDC) as it was “less noticeable” when openly carried.

That is when Tina asked, “Why would anyone WANT to carry a gun?” I thought about that for awhile before answering, “I don’t want to carry a gun, but I do want to be able to protect you and the children.” Good answer, I thought, and it seemed to smooth things over some, at least for awhile.

Concealed CarryOne day, after my leaving the house with my pistol in full view (called Open Carry), Tina said, “If you’re going to carry that, you’re going to get a Permit!” You see while Open Carry is legal in most of Colorado, it can make people uncomfortable when they see a gun in a public place, so I began looking into the Concealed Carry Requirements.

After a week doing research, then having to wait two weeks to get into a “class” all the way across Denver (that cost $100 AND left me with more questions than answers), I finally had the “Training Certificate” needed to submit my application to the Sheriff ’s Office the next week. It then took about 6 weeks before the call came saying that I’d been approved.

Even before my Permit was issued, I had began looking for some REAL Training and I found it with the United States Concealed Carry Association. During my studies, I came to realize that This Training should be offered to everyone that has made the decision to become more responsible for the protection of themselves and those they care about.

I started the Concealed Carry Workshop with a goal to provide not only the Required Training to apply for a Permit, but to offer training that provides the Knowledge, Skills and Attitude to truly become a Responsibly Armed American. Call me today at 720-984-2290 to find out how you can obtain a Concealed Carry Permit or become a more responsible gun owner.

You can learn more about the Levels of Training I offer on my Website: www.CCWorkshop.CO If you have questions you can email me at Wes@CCWorkshop.CO

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Offered by Lulu’s Farm

What is agritourism? Agritourism covers a wide variety of recreational, educational, and other leisure activities and services provided by farmers, ranchers, and food-based businesses that make up a local food economy. Those activities and services are then experienced first hand by consumers who value the activity or service they receive, and actively seek it out. There are three general classifications of agritourism activities: on-farm/ranch, food-based, and heritage activities.

Why is it a big deal? As farm and ranch land is lost to development, the desire for community supported agriculture (CSA) and farm type experiences increases. The national trend towards awareness of food quality and where it comes from is a hot-button issue that is gaining momentum throughout the United States, especially with younger families. For the state of Colorado this means a multi-billion dollar economic impact! This trending interest in local food production and farm to table experiences, combined with our rich agricultural heritage, current standing as one of the largest agricultural hubs in the state, being located on the I-76 corridor recently dubbed the “Pollinator Highway” with a commitment to bee preservation efforts, and our proximity to the Denver metro area, all adds up to a multi-million dollar economic impact for Brighton and Adams County.

Recognizing this, in 2016, after months of work by city staff, consultants, a citizen task force, and input from residents, the City of Brighton adopted a new comprehensive Master Plan to guide and manage the exploding growth. Concurrently, Adams County went through the same process, adopting what is now called the “District Plan” with the express purpose of preserving, protecting, and promoting the agricultural character and offerings of the southern area of Brighton and adjacent unincorporated Adams County. Concerted efforts were made between the City and County to ensure the plans synced. This cooperation resulted in the creation of a joint planning commission with representatives appointed from both City and County.

Our area is fortunate to have a variety of working farms and food production related businesses that bring a multitude of family-friendly experiences and opportunities for residents and visitors. With an emphasis on creating cohesive opportunities for industry, developers, and investors as well, you can expect to see a lot of additions to the agritourism offerings in and around Brighton over the next few years.

This is a terrific opportunity for not only Brighton and Adams County residents, but also for those outside of the immediate area, to enjoy the benefits and experience of farm to table products and activities.

As we head into the height of the harvest season, you’ll see several fun, family friendly activities at Lulu’s Farm, including the Brighton Chile Fest (formerly Denver Chili Fest) on September 9, the new Lulu’s Brew & Que (a Kansas City Barbeque Society sanctioned state championship barbeque competition) on September 29-30, and our annual Pumpkin Patch. And of course, don’t forget we carry the largest variety of freshly roasted chiles in the region, tons of farm fresh produce and specialty “made in Colorado” products available only at Lulu’s, locally raised grass fed American Heritage Ranch meats, locally harvested honey, a wide selection of grills and smokers, possibly the largest selection of canning supplies around, and so much more! Lulu’s isn’t just a produce market, it’s an adventure! For additional information follow us on Facebook ( and check our website (

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Lulu’s Farm