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Offered by Jan Hepp-Struck, Hepp Realty

Hepp RealtyFor the past few months I’ve been talking about just a few of the various details that can easily slip through the cracks when you are selling a home. There are just so many things to take into account and remember. It’s one of the many reasons to work with a Realtor you can trust to manage those details so you don’t have to worry about them.

One last detail to really take note of is clarifying what does and doesn’t go with the home. According to the law, anything bolted to the wall or ceiling technically goes to the buyer during a home sale. Imagine this… you’ve installed some amazing window treatments in your home that you have every intention of taking with you. You’ve found the perfect buyer, and they’ve fallen in love with your window treatments without realizing that you are planning to take them. It could sour the whole deal and put you back at square one trying to find a buyer, and it could also be the cause of a very contentious transaction; one which you, if you didn’t clarify before hand, will most likely lose. Certainly, it can cause bitter feelings on either or both sides, unnecessarily.

So, it’s best to do a comprehensive inventory checklist of items that are included, and those that will be leaving with you. This is just one of the areas where having a Realtor with in depth understanding of real estate law and contractual expertise can come in very handy!

For proven expertise in establishing your home value and/or searching for a new or existing home, please call Jan at: (303) 520-4340.

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Hepp Realty | Brighton Real Estate

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Offered by Brian Holley – Farmers Insurance

Dear Neighbors: In the past few weeks the news has been filled with stories of disaster. Multiple category 4+ hurricanes have ravaged communities, and then there was the Equifax hack.

However, in either of these scenarios, you can protect – or at least – limit potential damage.

Be sure to have a solid budgeting and investment plan in place so that you can have the freedom to use money for pleasure. This can improve your mental health, help you do better at your jobs, and help you reach your long term goals.

Take time this fall to enjoy a hobby that matters to you, or extend your summer with some of the great travel destinations and deals that fall has to offer.

As a reminder, our office address will be changing address to 2700 E Bridge St Suite A Brighton, CO 80601

Sincerely, Brian Holley

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Farmers Insurance

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Recipe Courtesy of: Paula Deen

Are you looking for that special recipe that will knock the socks off your family and guests this October? This bread is very delicious and has a slight element of healthiness to it… You’ve got to love that zucchini!


  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 cups white sugar
  • 1 cup vegetable oil
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 2 cups grated zucchini
  • 1 cup chopped pecans
  • 1 cup semisweet chocolate chips
  • 1 tablespoon orange zest
  • Whipped cream, for serving
  • Zucchini ribbons, for serving
Total: 1 hr 5 min
Active: 15 min
Yield: 2 loaves
Level: Easy

Chocolate Chip Zucchini BreadDirections:

  1. Preheat oven at 350 degrees F.
  2. Grease (2) 9 by 5 inch loaf pans.
  3. Sift together flour, baking powder, salt, spices and baking soda.
  4. In a large bowl, beat eggs until light and fluffy. Add sugar, and continue beating until well blended. Stir in oil, vanilla, zucchini, pecans, chocolate chips, and orange zest.
  5. Stir in sifted ingredients.
  6. Pour into prepared loaf pans.
  7. Bake for 50 minutes, or until a skewer inserted in the middle comes out clean.
  8. Remove loaves from pans and cool. Chill before slicing.
  9. Serve with whipped cream and ribbons of zucchini.

Zucchini – It’s good for you!

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Offered by Dolan & Associates, P.C.

The traditional approach to estate planning in America is a challenging system, at best. The chance of a successful planning experience is remote if you define “success” as “meeting people’s expectations”.

Many in our society consider the subject of death and dying taboo, and as a result professionals have created a reactive system that has the capability of producing as many problems as it solves. The process usually starts with professional advisors accommodating the individual’s desire to make the process as short as possible (think: trip to the dentist!). This sounds good. As long as the experience is short and relatively painless, most “planning” experiences are treated as “successful.” However, this is an extreme disservice to the client and the beneficiaries because the beneficiaries often suffer from the consequences of this type of planning.

Professionals rely on sterile form documents with little effort to educate individuals about their options. This includes financial advisors who recommend action based on document acquisition, as well as attorneys who perpetuate the myth that the documents accomplish everything. In reality, people accomplish the tasks associated with estate planning, and people receive the benefit or bear the brunt of the results produced through the planning process.

Customizing the plan to the people involved and preparing those individuals to effectively implement the plan are critical steps to producing a smooth transition upon disability and death. These steps are regularly disregarded in most estate plans because they take more time and effort.

There is a better process available for those who take the time to seek it out. If you would like to learn more about an alternative estate planning process that is producing results for families, please visit us

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Dolan & Associates | Estate Plans

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Offered by Cheri Simmons

Simmons Shooting Academy
  • Do you have guns in the home and are uncomfortable around them?
  • Did you have a bad experience the first time you fired a handgun?
  • Would you like to own a handgun, but don’t know where to start?
  • Do you have your Concealed Carry permit, but never learned to handle your firearm?
  • Would you like to shoot for fun or in competition?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place! Learn to shoot safely and confidently; let’s remove the fear.

  • Do you want to purchase a firearm or transfer one?

Yep, we do that too.

When it comes to gun safety, shooting supplies and personal protection, we are your local one-stop shop. Simmons Shooting Academy offers: training, firearms, ammo, pepper gel, personal alarms, concealed carry purses & holsters, hearing protection, targets, advice and more. If you can’t find it, just let me know.

Find out more by visiting: Or by calling: 303.990.3644

Simmons Shooting Academy

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Simmons Shooting Academy

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Offered by Melissa Rippy, Rippy Agency / Allstate

On October 4th, 2002, I began my career in the insurance industry as a claims investigator and I investigated home and auto claims involving bodily injury and property damage. Throughout the course of my 11-year claim career, I became licensed in seven states and handled moderate to severe injuries, as well as those that were sometimes catastrophic or fatal. Part of my job required me to work with the parties involved in an effort to settle the claim without having to go to trial.

For claims that involved lawsuits, I attended mandatory mediations, settlement conferences and sat in courtrooms to observe trials for our policyholders after they were sued. The highest verdict I ever saw was for $1.2 million awarded for the plaintiff and against the defendant (and our insured). The only thing that kept our policyholder and his family in his home was an umbrella policy, providing an additional One Million Dollars of excess liability coverage. More often than not, I witnessed policyholders that had been found legally responsible for more damage than they were insured for, exposing their assets and having no other choice but to liquidate them to pay for damages after they were under-insured.

The Rippy Agency brings a myriad of claims experience and industry background to best assist you with coverage questions, claims and more. Not every claim is covered. Not every loss is paid. It is always important to work with a licensed agent so that you can ensure your needs are being met. The last thing you want is to find out that you had the wrong coverage or not enough coverage following a loss. We are here to assist you in tailoring a policy that best meets your needs while keeping your budget in mind.

Are you in Good Hands with the Rippy Agency?

Are you in Good Hands

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Melissa Rippy, Rippy Insurance

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Offered by Arlene Castro, iGo Realty

If buying a home is in your future, here are 5 tips that will help make it a more rewarding experience:

  1. The market has changed over the years, but one old rule still applies: The higher your credit score, the lower your down payment and monthly payments. For example, a score 700 to 720 will get you a good deal, but 750 and above will give you even a better rate. So check your credit report to avoid being unfairly penalized for debts that are settled, or not even yours.
  2. Knowing what you can afford before looking at houses will save you precious time that can be spent focused on more appropriate properties. However, getting pre-approved for a loan is even better because any purchase offer you make will carry more weight with the sellers in this competitive market.
  3. Build a nest egg that is over and above the down-payment. Lenders will want to see that you’re not living paycheck to paycheck, and some lenders may give you a little leeway on other factors if they see you have saved a cash cushion.
  4. Buyers typically need to save enough to put anywhere from 3.5% to 20% down, unless you’re financing with a VA loan. You’ll need money for reserves and closing costs. It’s possible to negotiate with the seller to pay a portion of the closing costs or that you may qualify for some level of financial assistance. This is where a sharp real estate professional can help advise you.
  5. Buying a home is a big decision and one that you’ll most likely live with for years to come. So make certain the house is perfect for you. Analyze your needs and the families needs and anticipate future lifestyle changes you may experience.

Whether you’re ready to start your search now or simply have questions, let’s talk. Call iGo Realty today for FREE information (303) 857-5056.

Home Buying Brighton

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i Go Realty

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Offered by: City of Brighton Streets Department

That’s right, Old Man Winter is just around the corner and this winter may be shaping up to be whiter than in recent memory?

The City of Brighton Street Department is ready this season for whatever old man winter can throw at us, dump on us or ice up. Street Department personnel have been busy preparing for the upcoming winter season and getting our snow fighting equipment ready to provide safe and efficient snow removal on City streets. The City has several pieces of equipment that are used for snow and ice control operations including, plow trucks, loaders, graders and sanders. While we use the term “sanding”, the City does not use sand or salt in its efforts to combat snow and ice, we use a product called “Ice Slicer” which is a naturally occurring product from materials mined in and around Redmond, Utah. Ice Slicer is a blend of minerals plus calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium chlorides and grit for instant traction. It is over 70% less corrosive than salt and completely dissolves leaving the roadway surface residual free. Prior to the City utilizing Ice Slicer, a mixture of salt and sand was used to treat roadways, leaving a sand residual on streets that created dusty conditions, air quality concerns and at times slippery conditions. This required frequent and costly sweeping of streets to minimize these issues. Sweeping is no longer required with the use of Ice Slicer and this product is very effective, cost efficient and environmentally friendly.

In addition, our trucks are capable of applying a liquid anti/deicing-icing agent to our roadways called Meltdown Apex. This product can be sprayed on roadways prior to the onset of potential roadway snow/icing conditions or during the actual snow/icing event. The product serves to prevent and/or minimize snow and ice from forming on roadway surfaces and aids in the sustained control and removal of ice and snow accumulation on surfaces over an extended period of time.

The City’s Snow and Ice Control Plan identifies the manner and timing in which the City’s Street Department will respond to snow and ice events. The plan identifies priority streets for plowing and ice control efforts to ensure that residents are provided safe travel during adverse weather conditions.

As a reminder, the City does not plow or treat residential streets except when snow depth measured/reported by The National Weather Service (NWS) or Brighton Street Department (BSD) reaches greater than 12” from a single snow event. Under normal snow and ice conditions, the City will plow and treat streets as identified in the City’s Snow and Ice Control Plan. The City does not have a “Bare Pavement Policy” which means that plowing of roadways may not result in all snow and ice being removed from the roadway surface when we plow.

Residents are reminded that City Ordinance requires that the resident remove all snow and ice from all sidewalks adjacent to their properties within 24 hours. The Street Department and City asks that you do not place snow from your sidewalk, driveway or property in the street as this is extremely dangerous and hazardous for motorists and hampers continuing snow removal operations. We encourage you to place this snow onto your lawn as an additional source of moisture, you are having to move the snow anyways, why not use it in a beneficial way.

Should you have questions or desire additional information regarding the City’s snow removal operations, please contact the Street Department at 303-655-2088 or visit

City of Brighton Streets Department

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Offered by Linda Young, Executive Director, Brighton Shares The Harvest

BSH_Logo_NoWebsiteMany people love fall for the cooler weather, beautiful colors, and pumpkin-spice everything. But if you’re a person who loves to eat fresh, local, summer produce, it can also mean the end of some fine dining. There are a lot of ways, and a lot of reasons, to continue to eat food from plants year-round.

Every edible plant, including grains, beans, and nuts, provides you with healthy fiber and nutrition, and different plants provide different nutrients. One of the easiest and tastiest ways to make sure you’re getting the variety of nutrients that your body needs is to “eat the rainbow”; eat plant-based foods of different colors: purple cabbages, orange carrots, red peppers, dark leafy greens, etc. Be sure to get a mix of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, and healthy nuts in your diet every week. And even when there’s snow on the ground, there are still plenty of colorful and healthy options available.

For fresh produce, look for locally grown produce with a long shelf life such as potatoes, onions, winter squash, cabbage, carrots, and dry beans. Consider fresh fruits and veggies from other parts of the country, or from other countries, for a wider variety of fresh food. We tend to eat heavier foods in the winter, including stews, soups, and roasted vegetables (carrots, potatoes, beets, Brussels sprouts), and fewer salads, but grocery stores still carry many of your favorite lettuces and other salad ingredients. Buy what your family will eat and enjoy, and try to mix it up.

Canned and frozen vegetables and fruits are more a matter of personal taste than nutrition. Frozen vegetables without sauce, canned fruit without added sugar, and canned beans without added anything are all very healthy and convenient choices. Canned tomatoes are very nutritious and can be added to lots of basic dishes.

There are ways to add more vegetables without totally shaking up your family’s favorites. If you don’t make soup from scratch, stretch your budget and use up leftovers by starting with some prepared vegetable soup, add a little extra water, and add cooked cut-up vegetables, beans, and some of those canned tomatoes. Get your kids to eat more vegetables by serving baby carrots and pepper strips as a side or before dinner. Even if you have to give them dressing for dipping, they’re still benefiting from the fiber and nutrients in the vegetables. If your family drinks orange juice, suggest they try whole oranges instead for more fiber. Grate some carrots into casseroles and spaghetti sauce. If you’re grilling meat, add some veggies to the grill as well.

While you’re shopping for healthy produce options for your family, please remember that our local food pantry clients and vulnerable senior citizens also need these healthy options during the winter months, and consider donating a bag of apples, potatoes, oranges, or beautifully colored sweet peppers. Please visit our website at (click: Donate Produce) for places that would love to receive some fresh healthy produce or healthy canned fruits and vegetables for their clients this winter.

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Offered by Trunk Consignment

Retail is in my blood. I have had a lot of different areas of vast retail experience spanning over 30 years. I worked at a small mom and pop sporting goods store in North Idaho where I was in charge of ordering Carhartt, RealTree and Mossy Oak clothing. I opened the first Charming Charlie store outside of Texas, in Atlanta Georgia. I also worked for a number of shoe companies including Liz Claiborne, G.H. Bass and Aerosoles. I sold apparel at Van Heusen, New York & Company and several Coldwater Creek stores here in Colorado. My love for Home Decor was a result of working for several Tuesday Mornings in Georgia and Colorado.

I’ve been buying and selling items through consignment shops in Colorado for a number of years. I love the concept, so when the chance to work at The Trunk came up, I jumped on it. Working with Angie at The Trunk allowed me to learn how the business side of the store worked, and after two years together, I was excited to purchase the business so that I could continue to serve, outfit and accessorize the wonderful ladies of Brighton and surrounding areas. I love seeing the faces of regulars as well as new faces as they visit The Trunk for the first time.

After purchasing The Trunk in July, I’ve been excited to find some wonderful team members including my right hand Heather who works with me during the week. Carol, who is my other right hand, gives me the opportunity to take Saturday mornings off. Mary, Lavina and Cindy are my part timers and they work throughout the week to insure the consignments are quickly processed. Peggy handles our Facebook page and posts beautiful pictures of the lovely items our consignors have brought in.

The next time you’re in the area, stop by Trunk Consignment and let us help you find something unique!

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Trunk Consignment