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Offered by Rich Germaine, Joyful Noise Music School, Inc.

Unlike competitive team sports, students in school band or orchestra can always participate. No one sits on the bench waiting for a chance to play.

Students who participate in school music programs are 52% more likely to go on to college and graduate.

According to a recent study conducted by neurologist Dr. Frank Wilson, when a musician plays, he/she uses approximately 90% of the brain. Wilson could find no other activity that uses the brain to this extent.

Joyful NoiseThe study had also shown students who took more than 4 years of music and the other arts scored 34 points better on the verbal portion of the SAT than those who took music for less than a year.

A recent Rockefeller Foundation study discovered that music students have the highest rate of admittance to medical schools. Music scholarships are also a great source of funding for a college education.

When a child succeeds at the diverse tasks required to play an instrument, self-esteem is enhanced.

As a student begins to understand the connection between practice and the quality of performance, self-discipline becomes self-enforcing. It may then be a short jump to making a connection between self discipline and performance in life.

Students in band or orchestra develop higher cognitive skills and increased ability to analyze and evaluate information. They also learn about teamwork and conflict/resolution skills required for success in the modern workplace while enjoying the healthy, positive activity of band and orchestra with friends.

For more information about Joyful Noise Music School, please click here!

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Offered by Brian Margolis, The Margolis Team

Margolis Real EstateIn July, the days are hot and the sun stays out much later. That’s why evenings can be a great time to work on all those outdoor projects that you have been putting off. Sprucing up the curb appeal of your front yard will certainly help your home look loved and show off your pride of ownership. Your neighbors will be impressed. Hopefully, you will receive compliments for your efforts.

The beauty of a well-maintained home can be contagious, and give your neighbors reason to start their own front yard masterpiece! When a few neighbors have their front yards looking colorful and clean it sends a message to others that your street and neighborhood is a great place to live.

Ultimately, this may increase property values even further in this hot market. It is a win-win. You come home every day to a beautiful front yard and your block looks great too.

For tips on getting the most value for improvements to your home, stop by our office at 410 Strong St., or call/text Brian at 720-352-0454 or visit our website at

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Margolis Team

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Offered by Susan Kline

Susan KlineHard to believe another year of our publishing The Brighton Buzz has passed, and we’ve been in business 12 years. Time fl ies so quickly and it’s amazing that our magazine keeps growing into its intended purpose… A resource for our readers for the betterment of their lives. As the area grows and develops, so does the magazine. We’ve been very fortunate to work with the many wonderful people who are our advertisers and be in touch with what’s happening in the area. Our lives are richer for the experience and we look forward to seeing what’s next for The Brighton Buzz!

Our staff currently consists of myself, designer Kovas Lapsys, and Sara Bjorn Frisk, who puts the magazine together and does all of our website and social media work. Sara has been with us now for 2 years and is a very important part of our operation. She’s made a marked difference in our website results and has put our publication more effectively on the internet. Kovas has been a driving force for the design and direction of the graphics for our publication. His devotion to quality work has made the magazine attractive and engaging and we thank him for contributing his talent and efforts. He’s someone we’ve counted on for years and look forward to working with many years in the future. We, as a group, work toward creating for you the best magazine we can to meet your need to find good resources for all of your personal and business necessities.

Summer is upon us and we’re sure our readers are on vacation, hopefully enjoying the summer weather with outside activities and working on projects that aren’t so possible to finish in the colder weather. We wish you the best in enjoying your fleeting summer days and hope that you can create some experiences to remember.

We’ve been fortunate to have a number of activities to mention for you for the month of July. The City is sponsoring so many events from the large 4th of July Celebration to movies in their Flix and Kicks Series, and the many events at the Armory! We’re also happy to include the Tiny House Festival that is going to be held at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg from July 28th-30th. They invite you to come out and see all of their variations of structures and also enjoy time viewing the animals at the sanctuary. There are many things advertised this month that you and your families can enjoy in our immediate area. It’s going to be a great summer!

My best to everyone for the month of July and our many thanks for your readership and support of our advertisers. To our advertisers, you are the reason we exist and we are forever grateful!

Happy Summer Days!


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Offered by Scott and Laura Nordby, Berkshire Hathaway

As with most things, winning in today’s real estate market has less to do with luck and more to do with preparation. The current market is challenging, with record-low inventory levels and bidding wars happening fast and furious on most homes in the affordable range. As a matter of fact, according to DMAR (the Denver Metro Association of Realtors) half of the homes sold in April 2017 were spent only 5 days (or less!) on the market. However, taking the right steps before you dive into your search can take some of the stress and frustration out of your home search.

Know what to expect from the process.
Buying a home has a language all its own. Be sure you are up to speed on the language and timeline of buying your home. When you know what order to work in, what the process looks like, and the when it all should happen, you can be proactive in your approach and have an idea what the next step is.

Get a firm handle on your finances and credit.
Sometimes, the first time anyone looks at a credit report is when they go in to get pre-approved for a new home, which can be challenging when there are surprises. Visit with a trusted financial planner to assess your financial health before you begin your search. Take the time to address any potential errors and problems.

Enlist the help of a professional.
It’s possible to buy a home without a REALTOR®, but why would you want to? Yes, you pay a commission to the agent helping you. However, that money is very well invested to take you off the front lines of the transaction. Things happen fast in this market. If you have a full-time schedule with home or office duties, you may miss an opportunity to jump which can result in losing the home you have your eye on. Furthermore, a full-time agent knows the ins-and-outs of the real estate transactions and contracts so they can act in your best interests while you focus on your life.

Set your expectations.
This market is tough on your heart. You will likely find the house you love, and you won’t get it. And maybe even the next one. Don’t fall in love with any house, because it can be discouraging when you experience the normal turbulence of a competitive market. You may have to make some concessions on your “must-haves”, and you may have to put off ers on several houses. But with the right help from professionals, realistic expectations, and prep on the financial front, you can get well on your way to finding the home for you..

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Berkshire Hathaway

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Offered by The Eddy & Muñoz Home Team

The Denver Post Top Workplaces program believes that “the most successful companies are the ones that employees believe in.” Madison & Company Properties is a company employees most certainly believe in.

Ranked 5th in the Small Business category, this is the fourth consecutive year that Madison & Company Properties has received the prestigious Denver Post Top Workplaces award. Placement is made based on anonymous reviews and testimonials from employees. The purpose of the Top Workplaces program is to recognize the state’s top employers. It honors companies “doing right by their workers,” acknowledging companies that encourage growth and commitment in their employees.

Madison & Company Properties is honored to be a workplace where employees believe in their company. Here we are dedicated to continuing to strive for excellence, cultivating an environment where all employees feel believe in and pushed to reach their highest potential. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

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Eddy & Muñoz Home Team

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Offered by Sue Maestas

What could sound more appealing for your pet than an afternoon at Bubbles n Bows! The owner of the salon, Sue Maestas has a true love of animals and has had 30 years of experience in pet grooming as well as 10 years of experience breeding/showing pugs. Sue also spent a number of years working with mobile veterinary clinics. Each of the other two groomers, Julie Barnett and Nicole Clark, have had 10+ years of grooming experience and came to Bubbles n Bows from Brighton. Their focus when taking care of your dog is the well being of the animal. Any conditions, i.e., ear infections or wounds will be brought to the attention of the owner. Sue also is proficient in energy work on animals that helps their immune system and relieves pain.

What’s new at Bubbles N Bows? They’re not only going to be grooming your dog but will be introducing hair color for your pets. Another new offering will be raw dog foods focusing on good pet nutrition and educating people about it.

Full Grooms Start at $38.00 – $40.00 (By Appointment Only)
They include: Hand washed bath, Ears Cleaned / Ear Hair Removed, Anal Glands, Nails Trimmed / Dremeled, Hair Cut, Walk-In Nail Trim – Groom
Both Dogs & Cats

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Bubbles N Bows

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Offered by Colorado Karate Club

I was in the 2nd grade when my teacher looked at my school work and said to me, “You’ll never be anything more than average.” I went home at the end of the day and cried alone in my room. That statement really stung at 8 years old and it stuck with me for a very long time. I thought to myself: “Is that all I’ll ever be? Average?” For one reason, or another I allowed those words to defi ne me and “average” become my personal truth. I was an average kid, getting average grades, doing average things. Until…

I got tired of it. I auditioned for my dance studio’s competition team and didn’t make it. I realized the reason I didn’t make it was because I had gone into that audition with an “average dancer” mentality. Competition teams do not want average. Average does not win.

I was angry at myself. I wanted to be a part of that team. I knew inside that I was beyond good enough to compete, but I had my teacher’s voice in my head telling me I wasn’t good enough. No, I am good enough and I’m going to spend my entire life showing you how great I can be. I made that competition team the following year. Not only that, but I was chosen to be a soloist in my very first year.

I will show you how great I am. I decided from that day forward that I would not allow anyone to tell me who I was. I went on to take big risks, set high personal goals, and smash the heck out of them all.

You see, when you are in the face of criticism, you can allow it to define you and become your personal truth, or you can choose to use it as fuel for your spirit. Today, I challenge you to rise above anything that may be “average” and reach for the greatness that is alive in you!

Kyra Arnold
Colorado Karate Club

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Colorado Karate Club

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Show the City of Brighton how you get outside this summer by hashtagging your photos with #CatchMeOutsideBrighton on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’ll give out prizes to our favorite photos throughout the summer!

With the #CatchMeOutsideBrighton campaign, the city hopes residents will enjoy their summer visiting Brighton’s many parks, open spaces and trails in Brighton.

Did you know…
Brighton has more than 27 miles of trails, 20 athletic fields, two pools, a recreation center, splash pads and 19 playgrounds. Even more impressive, the City manages more than 960 acres of municipal parkland including neighborhood, community, and special use and natural resource parks.

What to Remember:

  1. HAVE FUN. There are no limitations to what photos residents can submit – just be outside!
  2. For the chance to win a prize, don’t forget to hashtag #CatchMeOutsideBrighton.
  3. The campaign will run all summer long giving residents a ton of time to show the Parks and Rec Department how they get outside.

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Offered by Richard W. Martin, M.D., Brighton Pediatrics

Diarrhea is defined as stools that are more frequent and looser in consistency than usual. The most common cause of sudden, new diarrhea is viral gastroenteritis, which often includes vomiting and low-grade fever. The diarrhea is usually watery and without visible blood. Vomiting, if present, usually stops within a day or two, but the diarrhea may last up to a week. Providing adequate liquids to avoid dehydration is the most important treatment. Start with clear liquids, such as Pedialyte or Gatorade, until the vomiting stops. You need to give enough liquids both to provide for a child’s usual fluid needs and to replace the fluid lost in the vomiting and diarrhea. Signs of dehydration include lethargy, sunken looking eyes, lack of tears with crying, dry mouth and unusually long periods of time without urinating.

Once the vomiting has stopped, resuming a balanced, nutritious diet will hasten intestinal healing and resolution of the diarrhea. You can gradually resume formula or milk when vomiting and nausea have resolved. Breastfeeding may be continued throughout the illness.

A child with bloody diarrhea is more likely to have a bacterial infection such as Salmonella or Shigella or E. coli O157:H7; parents should seek medical attention promptly. Bacterial infections are more likely to cause high fever and severe abdominal pain and less likely to cause vomiting or respiratory symptoms than viral gastroenteritis. Diarrhea from Shigella and Salmonella usually resolves spontaneously; antibiotics are needed only in special situations. E. coli O157:H7 may lead to a more serious illness called hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS). Treatment with antibiotics is not recommended because they may increase the risk of HUS.

Other reasons to seek medical attention include signs of dehydration, a child who appears unusually sick in any way, or diarrhea that persists for longer than two weeks. Persistent diarrhea is more likely to have noninfectious causes. Celiac disease or inflammatory bowel disease, for example, are possibilities for a child who appears ill and is not growing well. Relatively harmless causes such as irritable bowel syndrome are more likely for a child who is generally acting well, eating well and growing normally.

For information visit our website at

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Brighton Pediatrics

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Offered by Premier Pediatrics

With summer comes the fun of water. To ensure fun does not turn to tragedy, it is important to be knowledgeable in water safety. According to the CDC, about ten people die daily from unintentional drowning, with two of these being children fourteen years or younger. Among all ages, drowning is the fifth leading causes of unintentional death and the second leading cause of death for children one to fourteen years. Second only to birth defects, drowning will claim the lives of children aged one to four years more than any other cause.

Following are a few of the most important water safety rules to remember:

  • Always supervise children around water. Do not assume that a child cannot drown just because they know how to swim.
  • Beware of open toilets, tubs and buckets of water, and kiddie pools. Young children can drown in less than two inches of water.
  • All pools should be surrounded with a fence at least four feet tall and have a self-closing, self-latching gate (see Consumer Product Safety Commission website for complete list of standards).
  • Know what to do in an emergency. Learn CPR and basic water rescue skills!
  • All adults should know how to swim. Children four years and older should learn as well. Most local YMCA’s and recreation centers offer swim lessons.
  • Only use approved flotation devices, and ensure those devices such as life vest fit properly. Of note, inflatable vest and arm devices are not effective in prevention of drowning.

For more information, please contact Premier Pediatrics at (303) 655-1685 or visit us at

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Premier Pediatrics