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Offered by Jan Giuliano, Academy Mortgage – The Giuliano Team

Please remember all those who have served in the past and present on November 11th. The official holiday this year is Friday, November 10th. So please stop, acknowledge and pay your respects for those who sacrificed so much for us, for without them, we wouldn’t enjoy the freedom to live our lives the way we do. We owe the privileges we enjoy directly to these men and women who serve.

At Academy Mortgage, if you are a veteran or a current member of the U.S. military, you may qualify for Academy Mortgage’s VA Loan Program which currently offers up to 100% home financing. A VA loan can be a great option, especially if you have limited funds for a down-payment or closing costs or if you prefer to keep cash reserves for other investments and expenses. Get one step closer to realizing affordable homeownership.

  • Zero money down
  • No monthly mortgage insurance
  • Gifts and seller contributions accepted toward closing costs.

– Eligibility determined by Veteran’s Affairs Certificate of Eligibility –

So, if you’re a veteran, call Frank at 303.912.2850, Jan at 720.634.2409, or Mitch at 720.634.2410.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

The holiday season is upon us. This is a time to be thankful and grateful for all that we enjoy and experience in our lives. This is a time for family and friends to share our history together and embrace what is yet to come. From Academy Mortgage Corporation, please have a happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving. Best wishes from Frank, Jan and Mitch!

Veteran’s Day Is Every Day At Academy Mortgage

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The Giuliano Team at Academy Mortgage Corporation

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Offered by Susan Kline

Susan KlineThis message will be nothing new, but, hopefully, helpful. It’s funny how we know there are good things going on all around us, but, sometimes choose to hone in on the negative happenings. Most everyone I interact with is very busy. Their days are generally more full than time actually permits leaving a long “To Do” list for tomorrow. Is that a flaw in their planning, or could it be seen as a tribute to their desire to get the most out of their lives? Looking at being busy either way leaves one important step in each day that we should be sure to take. We need to spend time being grateful for all the wonderful things around us. Those things can be beautiful weather, beautiful scenery, beautiful interactions with others that mean so much. I have my doubts that life will slow down any time soon for the majority of our population, but, taking the time to feel the warmth in our hearts for the things we are grateful for makes all the difference between a life worth living and one that seems overwhelming. We can give ourselves a daily gift by feeling grateful for those good things around us!

As always, we want to thank our advertisers for their support of our magazine and all that we learn from our working together. These relationships are meaningful to us and, hopefully, bring powerful resources to our readers. We’re more than thankful when get feedback from our readers about the experiences they’ve had using our advertisers and how those connections have enhanced their lives. Each of our advertisers are unique unto themselves and we work toward bringing their best products/services into your homes. It’s a privilege and a pleasure to offer these valuable resources to our distribution.

We, at The Brighton Buzz, wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving! The joy this holiday brings is always memorable from the preparation and consumption of the great food to the time shared with our friends and family. We hope you make this Thanksgiving a very special day!

All The Best To You This November!


The Gift of Gratitude

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Offered by Michele Tuepker M.D., Premier Pediatrics

It is that time of year again, with Halloween quickly approaching. Keeping a few things in mind can help ensure a safe night.

Pick a well-fitting costume that is not too long or bulky. Bright and reflective costumes and trick-or-treat bags are a good idea, too. When picking a mask, chose one that is easy to see through, or consider non-toxic make-up instead. Make sure any accessories, especially swords, light sabers, etc. are not sharp.

When creating a jack-o-lantern, do not allow small children to do the cutting. Have them draw their design and let an adult carve.

Pedestrian injuries are the most common injuries to children on Halloween. Trick-or-Treaters should be with a responsible adult. If older children are going alone, remind them:

  • Stay in a group and communicate where they will be going.
  • Remain on well-lit streets and always use the sidewalk.
  • If no sidewalk is available, walk at the far edge of the roadway facing traffic.
  • Never cut across yards or use alleys.
  • Only cross the street as a group in established crosswalks. Never cross between parked cars or out driveways.
  • Don’t assume the right of way. Motorists may have trouble seeing Trick-or-Treaters. Just because one car stops, doesn’t mean others will!
  • Law enforcement authorities should be notified immediately of any suspicious or unlawful activity.

The above information is from the American Academy of Pediatrics Halloween Safety Tips 2016. Please visit their website ( for more great ideas to keep our kids safe on this fun night.

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Premier Pediatrics

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Offered by Brighton Attorney Gregory R. McMahon

Although many cities such as Brighton and Commerce City have what is called Municipal Court, many citizens are not sure what Municipal Court is and how it might relate to their lives. This article will give an overview of these issues.

Municipal Court has jurisdiction over all violations of the municipal code, which can be quite comprehensive. These violations can include a wide range of offenses, such as traffic offenses, shoplifting, theft, trespassing, disorderly conduct, assault, and cases involving dog bites. For example, I recently observed a distressing hearing, at which I was not the attorney, where the Municipal Court Judge ordered a dog to be put down because the dog had attacked a small child, causing injuries.

What I want to emphasize is that if you are charged and ordered to appear in Municipal Court, you must take it seriously. While many of the cases are fine only, the maximum penalty in Municipal Court is one year in county jail plus a fine of $2,650.

I would advise contacting a lawyer if you are facing a charge that may carry jail time. If you are charged with a crime that carries potential jail time, you have a right to a jury trial of up to six people. However, you must pay the $25 jury demand fee within 21 days of your entering a plea of not guilty.

During your first appearance in Municipal Court, you will likely meet with the city prosecutor who may offer you a plea bargain to resolve the case. The decision to take the plea bargain is up to you, so be sure to understand what the plea bargain entails and what other options you might have.

This column is not legal advice nor does it constitute an attorney-client relationship. You may reach the author at 720.600.3269.

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Greg for the Defense

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Offered by Scott and Laura Nordby, Berkshire Hathaway

When the days get shorter and the evenings start cooling off, the real estate market is still hot. Toward the end of summer, families that are buying and selling take a break to spend their final days of the season on family vacations, barbecues, and getting ready for school to start (and a normal schedule at home!). Once the kids go back to class, those same families jump back in and the real estate market heats up again for a couple months. Here are 4 reasons to keep focused on buying or selling your home.

Winter is Coming
With so much already going on with family and friends, most people aren’t looking to make a move during the holidays. So their final hurrah of the year will likely come in the 8 weeks before Thanksgiving.

Buyers and sellers mean business
Because the cold weather is right around the corner, the ones who remain are serious about making that move before the holidays start. This means that buyers will be serious with their offers and sellers who are exhausted after the summer season will entertain offers they may not have considered before.

Year End Tax Credit
When tax time arrives next April, you may be able to take tax deductions for closing costs, property tax, and mortgage interest, which offset your taxable earnings.

Update and Upgrade
Once you are ready to make the move, you may want to upgrade your appliances. According to Consumer Reports, December is when you can find real bargains on major appliances! Refrigerators, stoves, washers, and dryers can all be found for a deal. Plus, it’s also the best time of year to buy cookware and TVs.
So while the warmer weather is wrapping up, don’t give up on buying or selling your home this year! There is a discouraged buyer for every exhausted seller, and you just may find each other this autumn!

If you’re interested in setting up some time to talk with a real estate professional, call 720.371.6733 or visit

Berkshire Hathaway
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Berkshire Hathaway

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Offered by Sensei Kyra Arnold, Colorado Karate Club

I often hear people complain about their jobs, their boss, the drive, the pay, etc. and the more I think about it, I wonder why that is. I also thought about my own job and came to think that maybe too many folks are stuck in the wrong place, doing something that doesn’t give them much joy nor satisfaction. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones.

I have the pleasure of four year-old Evelyn, who tells me that she wants to be a black belt some day because I’m a black belt and “girls can be black belts too!”. I beam at the fact that Elizabeth finally worked up the courage to stick up for her friend at school. I love five year-old Zachary’s “serious face” that can’t help but make me smile because I know that kid is focused and ready to learn every single time he’s here.

Even better, are those moments when a parent takes the time to thank me. When a parent has seen tremendous growth in their child since starting Karate and tells me, t hank you for bringing my kid out of his shell. I’ve never seen him more excited and motivated over anything in his life! Well, there’s simply nothing more rewarding than that.

But the best part of my job is when one of those tiny students I taught at three years old, shows up in my own class training alongside of me. She is the reason I do what I do. As we bow to each other in class, I note how extremely proud I am of her growth and maturity. She came through the ranks, battling through the tough times, and never gave up. Now, this once three year-old girl who used to grin at me with a face full of sunshine, is training to be a future instructor. There is little in life that can bring me more joy than that.

Life is about building others up until they have no choice but to also begin building up others having been so filled themselves. The “thank you” from the parent, the countless success stories, and the feeling that I’ve made a difference makes life worthwhile. I encourage you to pursue your own internal happiness so that others, too, can then share in your joy.

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Colorado Karate Club

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PVMC | Dr. FitzeraldPlatte Valley Medical Center is pleased to introduce the newest member of its medical staff, Internal Medicine Physician Kristin Fitzgerald, D.O. As an Internist, Dr. Fitzgerald specializes in treating adults and joined the practice of Drs. Meyer and Grubbs at Platte Valley Internal Medicine.

Dr. Fitzgerald received her medical degree from Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine and performed her residency at Michigan State University. She provides a holistic and dynamic approach to medicine that focuses on patient lifestyle, diet, and medical management.

She also speaks Spanish and offers individualized treatment plans. In addition to annual physical exams, she specializes in the management of chronic disease. When she’s not in the office, Dr. Fitzgerald enjoys hiking, skiing, and listening to live music.

For more information, please call 303-659-5800. Her office is located at 1606 Prairie Center Parkway, Suite 310, in Brighton.

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Offered by Marian Amaranto, CPNP – Brighton Pediatrics, P.C.

Allergies and AsthmaFall and Spring bring allergy symptoms for many children and teens. Allergies can also trigger asthma symptoms. Mild asthma symptoms can be difficult to recognize.

These symptoms include:

  • Night time coughing more than 2 times a week.
  • Coughing and/or shortness of breath with or after exercise.
  • Needing a rescue inhaler (albuterol, pro-air, Ventolin) more than 2 times a week.

Children may not complain of these symptoms. If you notice that your child often stops to rest, quits playing before other children, or coughs and is short of breath after exercise, he/she should be checked by a health care provider.

Children and teens, even those with asthma, should be able to run and play and keep up with their peers. They should be able to play sports without difficulty if they are getting the correct treatment for their symptoms.

Treatment for asthma symptoms may include medicines other than a rescue inhaler. These may be used only during an allergy season, such as spring or fall. Some children only need treatment occasionally. For some, treating the allergy symptoms is enough.

Proper treatment of asthma symptoms reduces the chance of long lasting breathing problems. Some children outgrow asthma symptoms. This is much more likely to happen with proper control and treatment of their symptoms.

The best long term outcome for kids with asthma happens when their symptoms are kept under control all the time.

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Brighton Pediatrics

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Offered by Jeff Poulson, Poulson Family Dental

Poulson Family Dental | SoleaThe miracle we’ve both been waiting for is here: Solea. Now available to you, Solea is a powerful dental laser that replaces the dental drill in the majority of procedures at Poulson Family Dental. In fact, nearly every patient skips anesthesia because they just don’t need it. Solea is our way of keeping you happy. Because more than anything, we love to see you smile.

What is Solea?
Solea is the first CO2 dental laser system cleared by the FDA for hard, soft and osseous tissue procedures. It was developed in Boston, Massachusetts by Convergent Dental, based on research conducted at the University of California School of Dentistry. Solea offers a unique wavelength guided by sophisticated computers to deliver virtually painless dental procedures for both teeth and gums from simple cavities to complex surgeries. The experience is so unique that you will find it hard to believe you were just at a dental appointment.

Why Solea?
The majority of hard and soft tissue procedures in our office are done with virtually no anesthesia and soft tissue procedures are done with virtually no bleeding. Blood-free and anesthesia-free procedures represent a major leap forward in dentistry, as we are able to execute multi-quadrant dentistry, fillings on the fly and soft tissue procedures in a single appointment. What does that mean for you, our patients? You are now able to receive the care you need in a fraction of the time. When patients have anesthesia they typically leave the office with that numb feeling still prevalent. With Solea, you are able to go right out to lunch or back to work without that numb sensation following your appointment. Solea is truly changing what it means to go to the dentist.

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Poulson Family Dental

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Offered by Jan Giuliano, Academy Mortgage – The Giuliano Team

When Halloween is over: November officially starts the holiday season. What a better gift for the holidays than a new home? Here are some things to keep in mind as you embark on this process during the holiday season:

Be mindful of Your Holiday Spending: Now may not be the time to give that new car or 90-inch flat screen TV for a gift. Make responsible purchases. Don’t let poor budgeting result in losing your dream home.

Be in the Know: Know your credit score, which can affect your interest rate-both of which are key when shopping for a home loan. Avoid financing major purchases. Lenders may request a last-minute credit check before the loan closing to ensure that no new debt has been incurred. Be sure to work with a knowledgeable and reputable lender who can make the process more efficient.

Scoop up a Deal: Year-end may be a smart time to buy! Sellers don’t typically look to sell during the holiday season due to the wintery weather and busy time of year. A seller who is actively seeking to sell during the holidays may be willing to aggressively negotiate on price. Demand tends to decrease during the holidays, so there can be less competition from other buyers. Take advantage and negotiate a better price.

Holiday Hours: Certain government agencies may be closed during the holidays, so work with your Loan Officer to ensure that deadlines are met. The loan process and paperwork can be overwhelming, make sure your lender keeps you informed so there are no last minute surprises.

Let Academy help you navigate the process: Call Frank at:303-912-2850, Jan at 720-634-2409, or Mitch at 720-634-2410.

Applying for a Home Loan during the Holidays

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