Take The Mask Off Your Pain
Offered by Dr. Jim Campell

I love Fall. There’s so much to do. Football
is back, cool weather is here, and great
color changes are all around us. Even raking
all those leaves and doing yard work
isn’t so bad when the days are cool. The long
holiday season is just getting started and ski
season is just around the corner. But if you are
dealing with pain every day and frustrated with
being limited in what you are able to do, it can
be no fun at all! Does getting your daily routine
done rely on how you are feeling? You may find
yourself modifying what you can do and feel
hemmed in by your own restrictions. That’s not
living. You may be putting on a cheerful face everyday
or telling loved ones that there is no need
for them to help you. Are you wearing a mask so
that you don’t cause others to worry? Or maybe
you wear the mask because you just don’t think
anything else is out there to help you. Do your
drugs and over the counter medications fall
short of relieving your pain and discomfort? Are
you just plain tired of feeling the way you do? I
get it. I really do understand.

For over 30 years I have honed my skills and focus
to specialize in getting you out of pain FAST!
I offer non-invasive, non-surgical pain relief combining
Chiropractic care, Cold Laser Therapy,
Applied Kinesiology, Nutrition and a variety of
other natural healing methods. You may not
need all the things I offer but there is a unique
combination of them that will help you. You’re
a unique individual and you need to have your
pain assessed and treated accordingly. Now is
the time for you to try Cold Laser Therapy. The
laser is my go to tool for amazing results when
all else fails. Dr. Oz names Cold Laser Therapy
as one of his top 3 non-drug pain relievers. The
laser relieves problems such as headaches, back,
neck, knee, and wrist pain, sciatica, arthritis and

If you’ve been following my articles over the
years and still missing out on all the activities you
used to enjoy, now is the time to do something
about it. Are you ready to start enjoying your life
again? Give me a call today and start experiencing
pain free living.

Remember…You’re not really living if
you’re living with pain!

Let’s get to the bottom of your health
concerns together! Please continue to send your
questions to: drjim@beyondbasichealth.com.



Offering Natural Solutions For:
• Migraine headaches
• Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue
• Low Back Pain, Sciatica
• Carpal Tunnel Pain

I am a phone call away.
Call me at 303-775-0272 for your

Dr. Jim Campbell
155 E. Bridge St. Brighton, CO

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