Pain Can Be A Weighty Issue
Offered by Dr. Jim Campell

As we enter into the second
month of our new year, I hope you
are still on track for the goals you
set as we began 2015. For many of
us, shedding the extra pounds that we mysteriously
put on since Thanksgiving and getting
more active and physically fit were on the top
of the list.

As a holistic practitioner with over 30 years
experience in helping people reach their health
goals and enjoy pain free living, I have seen the
effects of carrying around excess weight on our
frame and the overall detrimental effects on ones
health. It is said that for every excess pound we
weigh, it is equivalent to carrying an additional
four pounds of stress on the joints of the body.
For example, if you are dealing with knee pain,
losing 10 pounds would have the effect of reducing
the stress on your knee by 40 pounds.

The same thing goes for those dealing with low
back pain and disc problems. By combining a
healthy and realistic weight loss program along
with gentle Chiropractic adjustments and Cold
Laser Therapy to restore proper movement, reduce
inflammation, and decrease overall pain,
you can improve the chances of reaching your
2015 health goals.

Conservative, natural health care is the least
invasive, non-drug centered form of healthcare
available today. As health care costs continue to
rise, diet and lifestyle modifications along with
gentle holistic chiropractic care can help keep
your healthcare costs down. If you are tired of
dealing with pain and need some help and guidance
to make a change, give me a call. After all,
you’re not really living, if you’re living with pain!

Let’s get to the bottom of your health
concerns together! Please continue to send your
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• Migraine headaches
• Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue
• Low Back Pain, Sciatica
• Carpal Tunnel Pain

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