Madness Hits Home!
Offered by Dr. Jim Campell

We made it through March Madness,
or did we? Yes, we had the
college basketball championship
but what about all this crazy Colorado
weather? We have beautiful spring 70 degree
temperatures one day followed by snow, intense
wind and crazy swings in the barometric
pressure the next. It’s enough to drive you nuts!
I’ve seen an influx of patients recently who feel
a definite link between their physical complaints
and the weather changes. I hear it all the time: “I
used to feel great and enjoy this season with the
family…spring planting, playing basketball, hiking,
skiing, walking the dog, but now I’m hurting.
I’m snapping at the kids. I’ve got no energy and I
can’t do the things I used to enjoy and I’m tired of
feeling this way!”

You don’t need to continue suffering with headaches,
back pain, sciatica, numbness and tingling
and all the other pains. You can stop using age or
the weather as an excuse (we’re all getting older!)
and recognize that you can do something about it.
Think of your body as a fine machine. If it isn’t
running right, problems develop. Fix the machine,
no more problems. Fix the body, symptoms stop!

Pain free living and understanding how your
body works and what it takes to keep it functioning
from the inside out goes hand in hand. My
view is that you and your health challenges are
unique and must be addressed to fit your needs. I
can offer you varying combinations of gentle Chiropractic
adjustments, Cold Laser Therapy and
nutritional support to make a huge change in the
way you feel.

Allow me to share the knowledge and experience
I’ve gained during my 30 years of practice in
natural healthcare with you. My focus and PASSION
is to get YOU out of pain as quickly as possible
and get you back to enjoying the Colorado
spring time and all your outdoor activities. As a
matter of fact, Cold Laser Therapy works so fast
for pain relief that it often takes just a couple of
treatments and most people tell me they feel some
relief immediately!

Are you are looking to get out of pain, sleep
better, have more energy or are you just frustrated
with how you feel? Call me and let’s see what we
can do together.

Think about it…you’re not really living if you’re
living in pain!

Let’s get to the bottom of your health
concerns together! Please continue to send your
questions to:



Offering Natural Solutions For:
• Migraine headaches
• Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue
• Low Back Pain, Sciatica
• Carpal Tunnel Pain

I am a phone call away.
Call me at 303-775-0272 for your

Dr. Jim Campbell
155 E. Bridge St. Brighton, CO

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